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What is your overall opinion of Eastern Michigan University?

Is Eastern Michigan University a good school?

What is Eastern Michigan University known for?


My overall opinion of this school is that it has brilliant potential. Not just for freshmen but for every class. I feel as though once the freshmen leave the excitement and support go down for the rest of the grades. I'll be a sophomore soon and I'll see just how supportive the school is for me.


The size of my school is perfect. There are a little over 23,000 students. And I don't feel like just a number!


The best thing about this school is that its friendly i'd change the food my school is just right people react in a positive matter


The best thing about Eastern would definitely be the diversity of the school and the optimism of campus. The size of the school, not too crowded. One thing that could be improved on would be the communter parking. So many people commute so your best bet is to get to campus early. The student center is a great place to go to to shop, eat, socialize, and study for upcoming exams. The whole campus is so friendly!


Eastern Michigan University's best quality is probably their variety. There are a variety of cultures, lifestyles, backgrounds, and ideas flowing throughout the University. There truly is a place for everyone around here. Upon receiving information about the University, I learned that you're required to get LBC credits which stands for "Learning Beyond the Classroom". You're encouraged to get involved, go to events and to explore. Eastern is not a University that is focused on bringing in students and shaping them into similar beings that fit into the world. This is a University that allows you to make your experience as good and bad as you want it to be. Every topic is discussed no matter how taboo it may be in society. The city of Ypsilanti doesn't have much culture but Ann Arbor is only 10 minutes away and it's buzzing with culture and history. Eastern is a small school with a big heart, you generally run into people often and thereby make friends a lot easier. The professors are normal people with tons of experience, most are willing to help you and they're genuinely interested in what's going on with you and how they can help in any way. My opinion of this school is that it's great, it helps you grow as a person and stretch your thinking.


The best thing about Eastern Michigan University is that it is not a huge school, and one therefore gets to know his/her professor on a very close basis. It is very pleasant to say hello to your professors and being asked how you are doing. One thing I would chance is "the hill" that takes one to the Science complex; maybe not the best decision to leave it a hill. Many people in Michigan, but also other states know of the school, seeing it has an excellent and very famous college of education. During my stay on campus, I am usually in the science complex, where I work on my research project. College town... I think there are many more things in Ypsilanti than just Eastern; yet, I do believe it highly contributes to the community. Many students complain about parking; that always has been an issue, and can get costly.


Our school isn't bad, but I wouldn't say it was the best. As you may know, Michigan is having some severe economic turmoil right now and it is proven in our classrooms. We have large class sizes, on-going construction, limited classes or lack thereof because of budget cuts for the university, and increased prices at university stores. We manage alright, the campus looks great, and i think in a way this rut the state is in is beneficial because we are all struggling so we can all relate and then i feel that just helps maintain the status quo, people are treated rather fairly on campus now that we have all been reduced to the same economic level. I wouldn't say we have a lot of school pride, but I don't think we need it, we come together in different ways. how could we when everyone's favorite football team plays in the big house six miles from where we live?


I love Eastern Michigan University. I have had my fair shares of issues with the school, like problems with figuring out financial aid, registering for classes, and Professors who were just flat out rude. However, this school has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. For the most part, the people there are very friendly and accepting. I have been able to get help whenever frustrated and needing answers. My current GPA is so much larger than high school and it's because I am actually enjoying my classes and eager to learn. I am so proud to be an Eastern Eagle, and my fellow classmates seem to feel the same way. There is so much support at every event I have ever gone to (from football games to poetry nights). I have never seen such a diverse group of people be so supportive and accepting of one another as Eastern Michigan students and staff. It is just a great environment that I will always love and remember. College has been so special to me and I am just a commuter. The life of a student living on campus is even more enjoyable. They are front and center in the action and get to participate in many of the great events that Eastern has.


Personally, I love Eastern. The best thing about this school is the people. They never cease to amaze me because everyone is so unique! Additionally, there's Big Bob's Lakehouse (which looks like a little cabin and is used for random events like barbecues) and the lake itself (which can be used for ice skating if you're that adventurous). Eastern has the big campus networking and a small campus feel. Everything is in walking distance. But, if you choose not to walk, there's a free shuttle for student transportation. The shuttle even takes students to the EMU Convocation Center, where many concerts and athletic events are held. Since I've been at Eastern, Kevin Hart, Wiz Khalifa, Russell Brandt, Jason Mraz, Lupe Fiasco, Common and Kwame Kilpatrick have visited our wonderful campus. For obvious reasons, the latter cause one of the biggest recent controversies. One of the other wonderful things about Eastern are the late night conveniences. Starbucks stays open until midnight and the Quik Fixx(a small convenience store by the freshman dorms) closes at two am! Additionally, the library is open 24 hours for the week before and during finals. Overall, Eastern is a great place to learn, earn and socialize.


Eastern has one of the most beautiful college campuses I have ever seen. This includes the people and the places. There's an organization for anyone and everyone in this school, from uni-cycling to Houses for Humanity. Everyone can find the place where they fit perfectly. Eastern also has the big campus networking capability, but feels comfortable and small enough to be considered home. It is just an awesome place to be!