Eastern Michigan University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


This would be a really great school for someone who is in the LGBTQ+ group, very accepting and accommodating.


If you're considering a profession in any type of teaching field, Eastern is definitely for you. We are the teacher's school! Of course, if you're an activist and love to stand up for what you believe in, you'll find so many great organizations and students in general who believe in the same causes you do. Overall, if you're passionate about what you do, come to Eastern. You won't be disappointed.


I think everybody should attend my school, because as I've found as I've gotten older, this school is more helpful and welcoming to of each student individually rather than as one giant group. This school is for those that aren't sure where their passions yet lie, you can explore and rely on many counselors to help move you along without wasting your money. Every course is worth it!


A person that should attend Eastern Michigan University is someone who likes to have somewhat of a small community. Eastern is not tremendously small, but it is a place where you can easily get to know people and become known around the campus. A person attending Eastern should be someone who is ready to have fun while work at the same time. At Eastern the professors are very lively and make your class something great to experience; it almost feels as if you are not doing work.


Honestly, any type of person could attend this school. I have met many different types of people here.


Someone who is self disciplined. Who is not afraid to march to their own beat. Students start to party early in the week and in order to be successful you need to know how to focus. Also you have to be very proactive and double check all the information that you professors give you in terms of your future.


One who wants to be dedicated to their career choice.


There is no "type" of person that should attend Eastern Michigan University. The school is very diverse and accepting to all. Everyone from all different types of backgrounds with all different types of personality traits can find friends here. Students won't feel lonely here!


The kind of person that should attend Eastern Michigan University is one willing to committ to a challenge. Someone who doesn't procrastinate, and is willing to put forth more than enough effort. Tthis person should also be diverse and social.




Be prepared to be responsible for your own life, studies and fun. Eastern is a place where you can be anyone you chose to be from the life of the party to a very studious student. Eastern has a small town fill about it but the students are somewhat shy.


Someone who wants to have the "full college" expreience, but not attend a huge overwelling university. Eastern it all about YOU and has many clubs and orgs for pretty much anyone. You like it, they have it. It is a really big Education school, so if you want to be a teacher this is the school to go. Don't come if you like a good football team though, we are pretty bad.


The best type of student to attend this school is a person who wants to recieve a quality education without the outrageous tuition cost. Person is not stuck up.


A very hard working person with maturity and dedication. This school is filled with professors that are willing to help you get closer to your career but you have to have patience and motivation or else you will not be taken seriously and your career goal will not be accomplished.


the type of person that wants to succeed in life and make something of themselves.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that wants a good education in their area of interest.


Someone who wants a decent education. I would try for something better though, like Brown, if I were you.


Anyone who'd like a smaller closer university setting. A lot of people refer to EMU as a baby UofM, since the two universities are so close.


Any one could benefit from going to Eastern Michigan University. They offer many night time classes for those going to school. They have campus housing available. They have a wide variety of majors and minors available.


Some one who wants small class rooms, and who don't care about having fun on weekends. If you plan on living on campus then this will be a good school for you.


Anyone who needs, perhaps, a bit of leniency.


Eastern Michigan University is open to students of all types and backgrounds, priding itself in diversity. You are not going to be 'just a number' here. There are programs for all sorts of people and I haven't really met anyone who was dissatisfied with their choice to come here!


Someone very focused on the academic side of one of the programs the school is good at/focused on ie. teaching, or business.


A open-minded person, read to attend a diverse university.


anyone, really.


Someone who's friendly and likes people. Who likes to have fun but also know when to work.


I think that the kind of person that should attend this school is a goal oriented, hard working and diverse person.


Somebody responsible and strong enough to say no.


Anyone who is hardworking and wants a hands on experience in college. The teachers will work with you to achieve your goals so anyone who is serious about getting ahead and creating a better future for themselves should attend Eastern Michigan University.


Anyone who wants a good education at a reasonable price.


Someone who is independently motivated. Those that need a lot of guidance from authority figures will probably not succeed as faculty and staff expect that students will seek the services they need and will not offer assistance unless it is explicitly requested. However, once a student asks for assistance, it is readily given.


Any person that wants a good education or to advance in their career.


Eveyone who wants to learn more about themself in a safe environment, someone who is willing to work hard and have lots of fun. Someone who is not afraid to learn about other people and how there opinons differ from there own. Some one who is accepting of others no matter what kinds of choices they make or their backgorund.


Someone should attend this school if they would rather be on a small campus, Eastern has a nice campus with everything very close by. It is not like Michigan State or Univeristy of Michigan. Also, if they want to go into Education of any sort because Eastern Michigan University has an amazing Education program. Another program that Eastern has is the Business program and that if known for being very good.


Someone who adpats easily to being independent and living in a situation that may be a step down from what they grew up with.


Someone who has ambition and wants to push themselves to succeed.


Someone who is driven and likes to listen and take notes and help themselves learn


The type of person who should attend this school should like to be involved in a variety of activities on campus.


Liberal, not overly concerned about an intense education, partyer


The kind of person that should attend attend Eastern is one who is interested in a variety of activities if they are living on campus, and love to be immursed in a diverse community.