Eastern Michigan University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Eastern Michigan University?


This would be a really great school for someone who is in the LGBTQ+ group, very accepting and accommodating.


If you're considering a profession in any type of teaching field, Eastern is definitely for you. We are the teacher's school! Of course, if you're an activist and love to stand up for what you believe in, you'll find so many great organizations and students in general who believe in the same causes you do. Overall, if you're passionate about what you do, come to Eastern. You won't be disappointed.


I think everybody should attend my school, because as I've found as I've gotten older, this school is more helpful and welcoming to of each student individually rather than as one giant group. This school is for those that aren't sure where their passions yet lie, you can explore and rely on many counselors to help move you along without wasting your money. Every course is worth it!


A person that should attend Eastern Michigan University is someone who likes to have somewhat of a small community. Eastern is not tremendously small, but it is a place where you can easily get to know people and become known around the campus. A person attending Eastern should be someone who is ready to have fun while work at the same time. At Eastern the professors are very lively and make your class something great to experience; it almost feels as if you are not doing work.


Honestly, any type of person could attend this school. I have met many different types of people here.


Someone who is self disciplined. Who is not afraid to march to their own beat. Students start to party early in the week and in order to be successful you need to know how to focus. Also you have to be very proactive and double check all the information that you professors give you in terms of your future.


One who wants to be dedicated to their career choice.


There is no "type" of person that should attend Eastern Michigan University. The school is very diverse and accepting to all. Everyone from all different types of backgrounds with all different types of personality traits can find friends here. Students won't feel lonely here!


The kind of person that should attend Eastern Michigan University is one willing to committ to a challenge. Someone who doesn't procrastinate, and is willing to put forth more than enough effort. Tthis person should also be diverse and social.