Eastern Michigan University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Even though college can be hard and nerve-racking in the beginning, it will be one of the most fun times of your entire life. You need to make the most of what you have at your school. Join clubs, sports teams, meetings, groups, and just make friends. Make sure you study because that is why you are at school. The people you meet while you are in college will become friends that you will keep forever. College is a great opportunity to explore new options and new things and can really teach you how to grow as a person. When you try and find a school that is best for you make sure you pick one based on your needs and not the needs of your friends. You are going to school for your education and for your career. That should come first. Just remember that if you don't like you school at first, stick it out, it will get better, and pretty soon, you won't want to go back home!




If I was giving advice to future students and/or their parents in regards to finding the right school, I would have to say, do your research. Mainly, look for a school that is going to be beneficial to the field you plan on going into. Also, don't worry about going to school with your friends from high school, college is going to be the time of your life, and you're going to make friends that last a lifetime. You really need to choose the school that you feel works best for you and your lifestyle.


Attend a college that meets your needs. Make sure it has your major preference, it's the perfect size for you, etc. To make the most out of your college experience, meet as many people as you can, make connections with professors, go out and have fun. Don't stress yourself over your grades, but make sure you finish your work before you go out and have fun.


I say first visit the campus because that way you will feel a vibe of weather or not you can see yourself attending that school. You should also recearch the size of the school, how are they known nationally and how would you or your child benefit from attending there.


Be willing to spread your wings and try new things. It may be scary at first but it will be fun and very rewarding once the fear wears off. Stepping out of your comfort zone may be necessary, use your best judgement but also think of your future and what you want to gain.


The advice that I would have to give to parents and or students about finding the right college is just to do a lot of research. The research can be done on the internet, by calling colleges, but most importantly by visiting. I thought I wanted to go to a certain school, but once I saw how the campus was set up and how some of the classrooms were designed, I knew it was not for me. Not every school is for everyone. So, take time and tour as many places as you want. You will find the one or two places that just feel right and will be able to make your decision a lot easier. Just remember, start early so that you have plenty of time to notify the universities and colleges if you will or will not be attending them in the fall.


Well, make SURE that you do EVERYTHING you can to get free money, and do NOT rely on student loans to pay the whole way. Or else you will find yourself in my predicament, spending half your day studying and the other half trying to find scholarships and grants. Worrying about student loans also makes focusing much more difficult, I have watched my grades drop because of the pit in my stomach daily (however they haven't dropped SEVERLY because of it, but the fact that they have dropped for this reason is enough). Make sure you tour the campus, but not only with a tour guide. Check it out, watch the students, try the food. This will give you a decent idea of what goes on. Also, look into the costs of living off of campus compared to those on campus, because it is much cheaper! Do not attend a college just because you were accepted to it. Research!!!


Visit as many campuses as possible to make sure you are applying somewhere you will actually want to attend. Visit before you apply to save money!


In making the decision of what college to attend my advice would be to pick a college that is "you". If you enjoy the country and smaller groups of people don't pick a college in a busy city. I have found that its hard to adjust to a new place when its structure doesn't fit your personality or beliefs, its just not you. No matter how long you give it or how much effort you put into it, it will just never work out for you because the place that you are at don't hold the things that make up you as a person.


I would tell most people looking for the right college for them that they should look for a campus that is diverse so they meet friends for life.


Finding the right college for you isn't as difficult as one might think. It is important to think about the kind of atmosphere you like and what you want out of college. Is diversity important, extra-curriculars, student envolvement, class size, or do you simply want to go to a college that excells in a specific department? All of these questions can help in deciding what school is best for you. When I was making final choices about college and trying to decide between a few very different school I finally decided on Eastern Michigan University because of the faculty at there College of Business. I heard alot of good things about staff/ student relations; after speaking to a few professors at an open house it was clear that they care about their students as individuals. They not only assist them in the classroom, but help students build their resumes and find opportunities for scholarships and job placement. The best advice I can give to students and parents is to visit the schools you are interested in as much as possible and talk to as many students and faculty as possible to find out what they are all about!


Allan Bloom said, ?Education must try to find whatever there is in students that might yearn for completion, and to reconstruct the learning that enables them autonomously to seek that completion.? I think this is a wise statement, especially when considering which University that a student would like to attend. When you are looking at schools its important to research in what areas they are most known for and if the field of study that you have chosen to pursue is one of the areas. I also think, however, that you can?t just research a school and decide from a website or pamphlet. You have to go to the school and try it on for size. When you actually visit the school, you can see beyond the education aspect, and see the social aspect. You can decide if the campus is the right size, if its diverse enough, or if it has the activities that interest you. Like Mr. Bloom said, you have to choose the college that will best make you a full and complete individual. So the best advice that I can give is to research, visit, and have fun choosing your school, because its an adventure!


I would recommend researching different colleges, to find out which one suits the student! Maybe try community college like I did, before deciding on a university! Enjoy college, study hard, and stay focused, and dont forget to have a little fun!


I would say, first off, do a great deal of research. Things like proximity to your home, programs of study, and campus location are the most important. Remember to consider the size of the school too; some people want to attend a large university, while others want to attend a small one. Also, ask lots of questions if you get a chance to visit the school.


Look ahead of time to find out what you are interested in. I didn't have a major picked before I started college and ended up transferring. Some schools offer better programs than others for certain majors and paying attention to this in high school is important. Researching what you are interested in is key. I recommend also looking into what clubs your program of interest offers as well. Its a great way to make connections with professors and other students. Another recommendation I have is to live in the dorms your first year because you meet a lot of new people and its a great experience. Think about what you are interested in and look at many colleges before you make a final choice to ensure that it is the most educated.


Choose a college that will help you son/daughter branch out and learn more about themselves as well as the world around them. Students should choose a college that will mentally stimulate their thinking and gear it towards more research and outside the classroom research. Students and parents should choose a college that has a fairly reasonable class size so the student can come to the professor when they need help and they do not get lost in the crowd. Choose a school that has social groups and activities that will increase the awareness of the students and that the student themselves will take an interest in. Most of all, choose a school that is definitely geared towards your career goals, offers a career services center and internships to prepare you for outside the classroom learning experiences to help prepare you for the world after college.


I would tell students to try to find something on campus to be involved in, wheter it's a sport, club, fraternity, etc. When you get to college you have a lot of free time, and you think that you can keep putting off homework or studying. You don't have mom of dad constantly asking "Did you do your homework?" Being involved will improve your time magagement skills. When you're involved in some extra activity you're grades may actually be better. I know that with me, I needed to be busy in order to focus on my studies. When I had more on my plate than just class, I made more time for studying. It's also a great way to meet new people. When choosing the right school, you need to make sure that they have a great program in whatever field you're thinking about studying.


I would most strongly advise students and family to visit the campus and talk to many of the students there. Each student will have a different perspective on the college and the campus, so getting the whole picture is essential. Also, it helps to shadow a student around their classes for the day. This would give you a feel for how the professors teach, and how the students learn. Also, the first year don't plan on taking classes that won't transfer. Save those classes for when you are certain you are in the right place. Use the first year to knock off some general education classes and get aquainted to the campus.


Find a university that permits the student to feel comfortable within their learning environment, because comfort provides a stable foundation for healthy learning and a well rounded social life.


Well my first advice for students would be to apply early and to as many schools as possible. You never know if you are going to get into your first or even seccond choice, but if you apply to a great number of schools chances are you will get into one that fits you well. Also make sure to visit as many campuses as you can, make sure that the campus has an atmosphere you like, and offers activites that you enjoy. To the parent I would advise allowing the student to pick the school; if you force your son or daughter to attend a college they are not happy with they will not excel as they will if they pick their own school. To make the most of a college experience I would encourage students to participate in as many activities around campus as possible without taking away from academic activites. The more activites you are involved with the more people you will meet and the more you will come to enjoy school. If you enjoy school you will put more effort into your academic studies, meaning better grades, and better jobs after graduation.


College is a great experience, but make sure to take it seriously form the beginning.


Take the time to look at different schools. Apply for a lot of financial aid. I am still struggling. My family barely has the money to help me, and I have none. So do all you can to apply for it.


Go visit many colleges with a parent. I visited seven and Eastern was the last one I visited and fell in love with the campus. My Mom also felt it was the best college for me. Apply to a few colleges. Check out the financial aid, Eastern gave me the best finanicial aid award. Look into the degree your are persuing, will a bachleors degree give you your credentials or will you need a masters. See what opportunies you will have when you graduate. Will there be job openings when you graduate. Talk to an advisor in your program. Go into a field of study you enjoy.


Simply to make sure that the school you chose offers everything you need and/or want, such as facilities, majors, faculty, etc.


Keep on keepin' on


Take a tour of the campus and talk to students and faculty. This will probably give you the best feel for whether the campus fits you. Also, have an open mind, but be smart. College can be awesome, but you should know your limits.


The best advice I can give to any prospective student in choosing a college is for the student to look at his or her self and pick out consistent personality traits that can be geared towards a specific genre of professions. Then use this information to choose a program and then choose the best college that has this program that he or she can get into based on his or hers academic record. One way a person can solidify their consistent personality traits is by taking the Meyers-Briggs test or by taking the personality sections of the ACT of the SAT exams. I think that the prospective student should figure out this first before other factors such as location and cost of attendence because the program of study cannot be worked around while other factors can. This is your life. You should sacrifice some personal discomfort for a few years rather than have to suffer doing something you don't want to do for the rest of your life.


Attend the college that you want to attend. Don't attend based on location or because of the scholarship that they are offering you. Attend the college that when you visit it, it speaks to you, that makes you feel welcome. Join student organizations that will you think will make you feel welcome and that you will gain many friends from. Without those friends, college isn't worth it, because although you are there to get an education the people that you meet will teach you much more than you could ever learn in a class room.


Meet students who attend that university.


Advice that I would give parents and/or students about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience is that the right college should fit you. It should have a good program for the field that you are planning on going into. Also, you need to think about how close you would like to be to home. If you are a family oriented person, pick some place a little bit closer to home, not one that is several states away. To make the best out of the college experience, try not to be shy. I know it may be difficult for some people, but trust me, staying locked up in your dorm room is not fun at all. Everyone around you is new to this too and is going through the same thing. Talk to the people across the hall from you. Go to floor meetings and the programs that the R.As do. You will meet people that will become your friends for a lifetime.


The advice i would give future students and their parents is to meet with adivsers to know what is expected of you and what courses are needed for your major so you don't end up wasting time and money on a class you don't need. Along with making sure your schedule is correct it is also important to get to know your professors. This is helpful because they would rather grade a face and a name than just a name. The last piece of advise for future students is, study. As simple as that may sound, an hour each night for your classes isn't that big of a deal and will help you a lot in the long run. As far as advise for the parents of college stduents, it is important for you to support their choices and keep them on the right track. Also to remember that they are taking on challenges every day so be careful with the amount of stress you impose on them. Since money is a major stressor for everyone, finanical support for your student isn't a bad idea. This is the advice for future students and their parents


Find a place that is closest to what you're looking for (reputation, education, social life, sports) and then weigh those schools against the costs, they add up.


I think the best thing someone can do to make the most of their college experience is to attend a college that has a lot of diversity. If you look for a school that has students who are identical to you, you don't really get to experience all that society has to offer. A lot of unique people attend university, and exposure to them brings out the best in you. Only when your ideals are challenged, can you really get a true sense of who you are in the world. Growing into a new version of yourself is the experience that will change your life forever. After college, it's extremely challenging to find any situation that provides you with the endless resources that a university will. Take advantage of the diversity, and the ability to improve yourself surrounded by people having the same experience.


Advice I would give to parents and students about finding the right college is that they should go on campus tours, and make sure that the major of interest is being offered at the school the student is interested in. It has to "feel" right to the student and parents as well. Whether it be safety issues, how the buildings look, and how the staff treats the student. The college should also offer plenty of opportunities for the student to get involved and make friends. There should be plenty of faculty to assist the student; especially in the first year of college with any questions that might come up, and believe me; there are a lot of questions. When it comes to making the most out of college, I would say that a student should get involved with activities and not worry about what other people think of the student. This is college; a new beginning, no one knows a person's background; so don't be afraid to step out and do things you have never done before. Everyone else is feeling the same way about their first year of college. Studying is important too!


I think that the parents and students should both take campus tours to see what the school looks like and what they will be experiencing. Once they find a great college to attend , the student should get involved because it will only benefit you during your years at the school and you will feel apart of the community. Being involved in activities on campus makes you enjoy school and makes you realize that college is a great part of life to look back on.


Look around! Consider the size of the school and definitely check out the department you wish to major and minor in (if you know) before attending. Many schools can be great or not so great, but individual departments within the schools vary as well. Live on campus for a couple of years, but then move to a nearby apartment to save money. Don't lost focus in your first two semesters. School work is very important, having a job or a great social life should come second.


to talk to the adminstration office first. if the office doesn't seem to be working well, then don't send your kids there. it will just mix everything up. for students who are funding themselves, good luck. you can make it through. i did. if you're funding yourself, don't expect to make it through in 4 years.


Take your time and find a college that fits the needs for you and your lifestyle and your future career and educational goals.


Look at more that one school or or the school closest to home.


Make sure the college has the program you are intersted in and then take advantage of all the possiblities that the school offers.


The most important aspect of the college selection process is not necessarily the degree programs offered by an institution. In fact, most students will probably find that they are able to construct the program of their choice at whatever university they decide to attend. Instead, it is most important that students and parents understand potential undergraduates' learning and living styles. For example, students who require a structured educational experience will not perform to their maximum capacity at a more laissez-faire school, and vice versa. Similarly, those who are more accustomed to small-town living may not be able to fully adjust to the undergraduate experience at an urban-based school. The educational capacity of a student does not necessarily lie in his/her mental faculties. Students' adaptational styles can also contribute drastically to their college experiences. Therefore, students need to realize that if previous experiences have taught them that they do not immediately respond well to change, it is important to recognize that limitation and approach higher education from a similarity standpoint. However, if students are willing to tolerate unfamiliar circumstances, seeking a unique and challenging university setting or style may be the best educational risk they can take.


Take tours of the campus and ask questions to find the best college for you.


be open to looking at schools outside of your home state or comfort zone


When choosing a college to attend you should look at what is offered there, make sure that there is something of interest at the school of choice. When deciding what to look for you should check out what kinds of activities take place there, the demograpghics of the school to know what kinds on people you are going to meet, and the safety measures in place at the school. You should always go and visit to make sure the school does have the things that you are interested in receiving or participating in. As for when you pick a college, you should get involved in as many different clubs, sports, organizations as you are able to handle. You should never be afraid to go and ask for help from anyone, professors or even other students, everyone is there for the same purpose, to get and education and to help others. You should try new things and meet as many people as you can. Don't worry about fitting in, there are so many different kinds of people that you will find a place to belong in no time at all. Enjoy the decisions you made, a college experience is amazing!


Take the time to look at a lot of different colleges and talk with advisors. And take a lot of time to sign up for financial aid. It's so hard for students to make it when the family doesn't have the money to give and the student is struggling to find food. I know how this is first hand. And if a college offers orientation, you really do want to attend. It's really a lot of fun and you can make life-long friends if you do. And take the initative to make friends on campus, everyone is just as nervous as you when you first start.


remember you'll be stuck there for 4 years or more, pick a place with the right fit for you year-round no matter what classes you're taking.


When it comes to picking the right college for you, you need to take everything into consideration. Things such as, if you'll be okay being far away from your family, is the campus too big, does it have a program that will allow you to succeed in your picked major, etc. To make the most out of your college experience, you cannot be shy! It is a new chapter of your life and you can start new. There are so many new people for you to meet, go out and meet them. If you live on campus in the dorms, go out for floor meetings, go to floor dinners and participate in your R.A.s programs. All of these things will allow you to make new friends and make the adjustment into college life a lot easier for you, because you realize that you are not the only one going through this.


Choosing a college can be a very difficult task for anyone not familiar with this process. As the oldest child in my family, my parents had no idea how to help me find the right college. I would advise the parents to let their child make their own college choice. I would also suggest to the student to go to as many colleges to visit as possible. It is important to feel comfortable on the campus. That will be ultimately where the student will be spending the next four or more years. To the students, my advice would be do not go to a school just because all of your friends are going there. When you choose a college keep in mine any extra-curricular activities you would like to get involved in. Making the most of your college experience by getting involved in a club, church, sport, or greek life can create friends for life. You can also make the most of your college experience by taking classes that you enjoy. I found that volunteering help make my college experience excellent! I am so gald to have had the opportunity to get involved with such great things.


Going to college is a scary thing, but there are many people and resources to help. You definitely want to make sure to visit all the colleges you are debating on. Actually seeing the environment can make or break your choice. Once you find the college of your choice, find one or two activities to do outside of class. You WILL have time to do your work and an extracirricular. This will introduce you to people and make you feel comfortable around campus. Also, take chances! This time in your life is full of so much freedom. Don't be afraid to take a step into the unknown. You will regret it later if you don't. Good luck, have fun, and keep up with your work!