Eastern Michigan University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I honestly wish that someone told me that freshman year isn't the year that you struggle financially, but going into sophomore year that's when the most financial stuggle comes in. Financial issues are the worst part about attending college and loving on campus on top of it.


That the tutition was still very high despite being in-state.


Before I came to this school, I wish I would have known more about financial criterea. Since I am low income, it has been very hard to pay for school. I am now $8,000 in debt.


I wish I had known how I would pay for the other portion of my tuition.


I wish I knew that they were so friendly and that I shouldn't be so anxious about attending EMU!


I wish I had known how much my tuition and fees would be each semester. I also wish I would have known where things where on campus.


Not to overdo yourself on credit hours! Just because you won't be in class as much as you were in high school doesn't mean that you should take a bunch of classes. At Eastern, to be a full time student, you only have to have 12 credit hours and my first semester I took 16. I survived but it was quite the struggle. Since college is quite different from high school I recommend that you start it out easy, and if you think you can handle it then go for a couple extra hours later down the road!


Before entering school i wish i knew that sudying required more than reading the text but also re-writing text so that i as an individual will understand it. Creating notecards was a way that helped me to study for test and quizes in my class. I wish i had known that becoming more organized and tactful with my studies was a great way to keep up with classes, and study groups, as well as getting help from other students in class or seeking help from work stations or tutors in your school.


That there was this much freedom. No one checks to make sure your doing what your supposed to be doing.


I wish I had known that financial aid would be so limited, that I'd be funding my entire college career with student loans. I also wish I had known a little more about myself before I'd gone off to school. I wish I had been a happier, more well-adjusted person with a stronger sense of self before I left home for college. I also wish I had known how much I would regret not applying to any other colleges other than the college I chose.


The Orentation was very informative so there was not much that i didnt know, one that i would of liked to know is that we had to take a placement test to be able to get into a math classes.


Before I attended Eastern Michigan University, I wish I would've known all that campus life had to offer. As a commuter, it was difficult to feel "a part" of the action and all the opportunities that attending a large college offers. Unfortunately, I did not get more involved in these type of activities until later on during my college career, but it is amazing what builing a network of colleagues and friends has done for my life. Eastern Michigan Universtiy is really in the business of producing well-rounding students, and taking full advantage of campus life is essential.


I wish I would have known the high level of commuters to this college.


nothing much. this was a great school


I wish I would have known that there were so many hoops through which I would have to jump to get to the place where I wanted to go. It was not clear at the time (1968-1970


I wish that I would have known that you had to have a Master's before you could get a job in the field, so that I could have planned accordingly, but my advisor did not tell me that until I was in my last year of study.


That it's OK to ask Professors and classmates for help. Now that I'm willing to find any help I need without feeling embarrassed, I'm learning more and getting more out of my money spent.


i wish i had taking filling out scholarships more seriously and i wish i had a job while i was in high school and saved up.


Before I atteded this school I wish I knew how far the parking is around campus. I am a commuter student and the only way I can actually find a spot that is not a mile away is if I get there at 7:30 a.m. or 5:00 p.m. It is very difficult to do when I have so many books. I wish I would've known that before!


I only wish that I had had more of a clear idea of what I wanted to study. My university offers a good amount of choice in classes and fields of study... but I've changed my mind too many times and it has caused undue stress. I wish I'd been more well-informed coming in.


Nothing, I came knowing most common things. The only thing I wish, is that I decided my major sooner.


That there is no school spirit


Exactly how small the school actually is. Compared to other campus' we are quite small, which really isn't that bad.


I wish I knew more people on attending Eastern Michigan before I came.


I would have liked to know more about the neighboring town Ypsilanti. There is a high crime rate.




I wish i had known how unfriendly the town of Ypsilanti was. Its kind of ghetto and there can be quite a bit of crime in certain times of the year.


Most social activities are based around Greek life. If you aren't interested in going Greek you have to actively try to make friends. I suggest living on campus for the first year or two.


that the financial aid and all of pierce hall and its workers are awful. they're unfriendly. they're not helpful. they don't communicate. they don't run a good business. they make the teachers look bad.


I wish i would have known better what to expect out of some of my classes. I now know it is very impotant to take notes and attend every class. It is not like in high school when the teacher spoon fed you answers. The teachers at the college level expect more from their students.


I wish I had known that someof the professors wouldn't be good.


How much I would feel like I didn't belong. Being white, middle class, a Republican. I wish I knew that the professors were amazing, but my classes would mean very little to schools if I tried to transfer to them.


I wish i had known that I could have the option of getting my own room my freshman year and ways to find a good paying job ono-campus.


I knew the area around this school was a bit unsafe, but I didn't know that you can't leave campus at all unless you're in a car. You have to be very careful because so many people around campus get mugged, raped, and there has, in the past, been a murder.


Eastern Michigan has high crime, the campus is not in the best shape, and how much in debt i would of been.