Eastern Michigan University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The professors are all extremely understanding. They are all willing to talk to you and help out as much as possible to ensure that you get the grade you want.


Eastern Michigan University is the school that anyone can go to. EMU has an affordable tuition and affordable housing.


The first thing I noticed when visiting and coming to Eastern Michigan was how friendly and open the other students and faculty were. I immediately felt welcomed and belonging from orientation day.


I think the best thing about my school is living in the dorms. I have made many friends just by bein gin the dorms and seeing people over and over again and jsut saying hi which then turned into being friends. You learn to live more on your own by having to make your own decisions about everyday things.


The classes are small, you really get to know everyone and there is no hiding from the professors. The professors are very interested in your success and really do want you to be the best. Most off campus housing is a walkable distance to the campus . With the exception of the business school the rest of the campus is fairly small and you can easily walk it. Small class sizes on a realtively small campus helped me to feel supported.


My school is ranked in the top 5 for Education Majors. Everyone here is so nice and helpful, and the professors (if you get the right ones) make learning in their classrooms fun.


that it is very diverse


that it is very diverse


We have two ponds. One is used for ice skating when it freezes. We also have a great REC center. The best things though, is that the campus is not huge compared to other nearby schools, and you don't have to wake up early to make it to class.


The best thing about Eastern Michigan University is the small classroom sizes. Everything is very personal and engaging which helps students understand the material much beter. Small classes also help students meet new people and gain new friends because they aren't overwhelmed by a lot of peers. They can be themselves and feel more comfortable. the small classroom sizes at Eastern Michigan University is the best thing about my school.


The array of different classes would be the aspect I think is best about Eastern. When it came time for me to sign up for classes, I was shocked by the amount of options open to us for classes. With fun classes like Shakespeare and German, it took me awhile to decide which classes I wanted to embark upon. Once chosen though, I was very thrilled to begin my classes and continue to enjoy them to this day. No matter how hard they are, I always find the variety entertaining and a well needed break from the norm.


It's the perfect size for me, it's close to home, the people are great, there is a lot to do.


The best thing about this school is that when I first arrived I knew next to nobody and now I have managed to meet many people and even grow as a person. I never was a very social person in grade school and my major tends to be associated with many people like that. However i am a contradiction in the sense that I am a fraternity member and I know how to talk to people better now and it is because of my experience at this school.


All of its resources are readily available to its students. No matter what question you have, it can always be answered. I've never received a response from a faculty member that states, " I dont know." They work with you. You are a team. You never feel alone or scared because you know there are good people willing to work with you to obtain your goals and dreams. Anything is possible here at EMU!


Personal attention from professors, nice updated facilities, access to excellent clinical sites, low cost


The best thing about my school are the people. The fellow students. professors, administrators are all friendly and are all very welcoming.


The campus size


The best thing about my school are the friendly people. The students are very friendly and will eagerly get together to study or hang out with different types of people. The professors are very friendly as well, and have a lot of resources at their fingertips to help students obtain their goals. They are also very accomodating if an individual student has a problem or needs a special request granted. Finally, the professors are incredibly knowledgable, and that knowledge helps students reach their academic goals.


As an honors student, various opportunities are offered to me. We learn in smaller classroom settings which gives me more one-on-one time with my professors. The professors are so nice and they do everything they can to help me and enable me to achieve the grades I want. Along with great adacemic opportunities, EMU offers learning beyond the classroom experiences. They include, but are not limited to, plays, volunteer service, socials, study abroad and hands-on projects.


The best thing about the school is there always looking for ways to improve on the education and always enlist students to help find better ways to make the school better.


The best thing about my school is the diversity, by far. I met so many people from around the world and got to learn about their lives before Eastern. The school goes above and beyond to encourage the students to be apart of different activities around the campus to help us learn about different cultures and meet extraordinary people. No one is ever left out and everyone always has a place.




Eastern Michigan's Actuarial Science Program provided excellent preparation for working in the Health Field. I also enjoyed the flexibility to work and attend school.


How friendly the people ar.


The best thing about the school is the small class sizes. All the activities going on and how close it is to home for me.


The best thing about EMU is the program that I transferred here to take. The Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising program I am majoring in is fun, hands -on, thought provoking and, above all, extremely educational. No other schools in the Mid West offer a program like this. The professors are knowledgable and experienced. I know that I am spending my time and money well by attending EMU.


I love that my school has so many different kinds of people and they have different organizations for every type of person


The campus is beautifull and the students are very outgoing.


i think the size of my school is the best thing.


The fact that they really look out for students, and do whatever they can to help the students succeed!


The class sizes encouraged more personal time from professors and a better learning experience.


Campus size, because it permits a sense of community while providing an applicable education.


This school is very open to all ethnic groups. It is a very welcoming community and makes me feel at home and like I actually belong here.


I throughoughly enjoy the class selection and the professors that teach these classes. The professors are very intelligent, friendly, engaging, and helpful.


Prarie Biodiversification


The best thing about my school is the communal evironment. Everyone feels like family here even if you don't know them.


The best thing about my school is the campus size. It is perfect for me. I don't like large campuses, I feel like I would get lost easily and this campus is just right.


having the major that i wanted


The best thing about my school is how friendly the students are and the professors. Professors are easily accesible which is a huge help and it is very easy to make friends here with any racial/ethnic group.


The atmosphere is conducive to learning well.


The classes are relatively small, and classes are taught by professors, not by graduate instructors. The instructors are generally very involved and interested in helping students succeed.


The best thing about EMU is the way that, at the end of your degree program, the capstone course is usually a seminar, where you get to meet lots of professionals in your field (former students) who give presentations, give advice, and answer any questions you have (regarding jobs, pay, how to break into the field, etc.).


The professors and department are ready to offer any help when the need arises.


The best thing about EMU is the friends you make in your career field. You make life-long friends and possible future colleagues. There's always someone who can relate to you.


Besides EMU being so close to home, you just get to be yourself and not worry about what others think of you.


The diversity. The school exposes everyone to a variety of people with a variety of backgrounds.


The location. It's a beaustiful campus, and it's not too big where you just another name on a piece of paper among 300, but it's not to small where's there's nothing to do. And Ypsilanti rocks!