Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus Top Questions

What are the academics like at Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus?


There are a good amount of majors here at Eastern. There are some general education requirements that might seem a little weird, but they are surprisingly helpful. All of the teachers I have had so far are fair and help out students whenever they ask.


The academics here range from different ones. I love how some of the professors are really concerned about you, and will email you and talk to you to help you get on track if you need it. My favorite class right now would have to be ED, only because this is like an overview of what is expected to be as an teacher in the USA. This class empowers me to be a better me everyday, and challenges me to step out the box. One thing I like most about this school, concerning the academics is the SI sessions. This is a point of the day, where you have time to get taught by other students who have no troubles in the class you are having trouble in. In going to this, it helps boost up your grade if you are failing.