Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus?


I tell my friends about the fun events and how much fun I have when I go.


The small classes, the teachers are friendly and willing to help and work with u. every student is friendly.


The small classes are great if you are looking for a more personalized learning experience. The class sizes make it easier to focus on learning rather than trying to hear over the crowd of students around you.


I brag most about how our student body supports our athletic team more than any other school in our conference. At every home game the stands are packed with students that help support our teams to victory. Every time a point is scored, the whole student section erupts singing the school fight song. During the games players say they feel lik they have an extra teammate in the game because of how well the students support the athletes.


The International student program is the best i have seen in the state and the people there are pretty friendly.


The faclity is out standing, the class room is just the right size, and very friendly.


i dont brag about anything to do with my school


Eastern New Mexico University has clubs and organizations that anyone can join. The classes are easy enough but are good.


Nice class sizes and they actually care about you as a student. you arent just a number