Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Some of the buildings are in need of repair, the campus needs more and brighter light poles, and all of the sidewalks on campus need demolished and redone.


Rent all your textbooks because you'll never need them again! Eat healthy because the freshman 15 is real and it gets worse after if you don't stay fit and eat right. Always, always, always treat your professors with respect even if your may not like them. You never know when you you may need a letter of recommendation. A "Thank you" goes a long way! Say it when a prof goes the extra mile for you! I did it for one prof and she answers all my emails unlike my classmates who never get a response! Above all STAY in school!!! I cannot stress this enough!!! Don't take breaks please!!!


The worst thing for many students is the fact that there isnt that much to do in the small town of portales. Even though the enviorment helps with studying a lot of times when a student has free time there is not that much to do except hang out with friends or go to colvis. Antoehr thing is the fact that it is not a big campus like University of New Mexico or New Mexico State.


class scheduales inbetween semesters.


There are professor's that have no business even teaching a college class. The single people out and make false accusations.


The worst thing about my school is that they isn't a lot of people. I would much rather go to a big university. Also, my school doesn't win many athletic events.


The size of the town because resources are limited such as stores and social activities outside of the campus. Very safe though and relaxed atmosphere.


The number of people who do not truly appreciate what we have at our school. The people that are ungrateful.


Could have some better facilities. Cafeteria food could be better.