Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who shouldn't attend this school is someone who wants attend a school with thousands of people. At Eastern, you see people you know and familiar faces every day when you walk to class, but this would not necessarily appeal to someone looking for a school with a high quantity of students. Someone who really enjoys the city probably shouldn't go to this school because the town it's in isn't super large, and the nearest town with a lot of city life, Albuqurque, is three hours away.


I think that anyone can attend this school. It has a lot of different kinds of people, so anyone would fit in.


Students who are interested in the social aspect of college should not attend ENMU. This is a school that requires hard work and dedication to education and those who choose otherwise will be unsuccessful. Students wishing to register to receive the financial aid and drop classes once it is received are not advised to attend ENMU. The school is serious about education and makes every effort to accommodate those who are dedicated to achieving the knowledge and strength necessary to be successful in life.


A person who isn't ready to be focused and challeged within their means to succeed at their goals. A lazy person or procrastinator wouldn't go well here.


A very liberal person, who is use to large cities.


Someone who desnt mind being in a small town.


someone that expects college life to be all parties and fun, the surrounding area is flat and dry, hot in the summer somewhat cool in the winter. no major malls or things to do. closest real city is in another state. outdoor fun such as hiking, rock climbing, camping pretyy none existant


I think everybody should atend Eastern New Mexico University.