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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


First off, are you really ready for this. Furthering your education is more than taking classes, and getting good grades. It's about commiting yourself to something for up to 4 years or more. Also, there is the commitment of money. If you get a student loan, depending on the repayment option you chose, you might have to begin repaying it before you leave school. And, if you don't, you credit will be ruined. Also, if you get a Federal Student Loan and fail to repay it, the amount owed will be taken from any federal tax return you may get. Time management is also important. Should you have a job and/or a family, time management is key to being able to spend time with your family, and finish your homework.


College is a place and a time to evolve who you are now into who you want to be for the future, so do not rush it. Take some time to figure out where you are going and where you are coming from. Decide what interest you and what completely disinterests you. Sometimes you will have to take classes or participate in activities you may not want to for the sake of your degree but that is life. Don't think you can get by doing everything you want all the time, but try to enjoy everything you do and make the best of each experience. Learn from everyone and listen to others' suggestions. You will learn what good and bad advice sound like and how to apply it to your life. There is a degree and a brighter future waiting at the end of your college path so be patient and persistent, do not let anything distract, and never stop learning about the world around you, the task at hand, and yourself.


I would tell my self to apply myself towards my studies with a little more enthusiasm. How I act and did things back in High School will affect how well I do in my future. Being popular is not he most important thing in the world because unlike your education it does not effect your future and job placement upon graduation. College will not only give you the education that you need but the skills to succeed in the work place.


Make sure you are 100% ready to go to college. It is really tough and you have to have your mind completely focus on getting your schoolwork. To me it is extremely important to show my children no matter how hard life may be you can achieve anything you set your mind to and eduction is the most important experience in life.


If i could go back to high school and tell myself my senior year it would be do you your placement test early so that way you dont have to retake sum classes that you already know how to do. Also save money and and look up your classes. Talk to the teacher that are teaching the classes. Join SSS it a program that will help you out when u need help and earn money for being part of that program. Read a lot because your going to need it. Dont have two jobs just stick with one job while you are in college. One last thing have fun and be safe my every thing come togther to make your dreams come true.


I would tell myself to study all the time and keep a planner. Also to learn how to take good notes and keep everything organized.

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