Eastern Oregon University Top Questions

Describe how Eastern Oregon University looks to someone who's never seen it.


Eastern Oregon is a high desert atmosphere with academically based focus and community involvement.


Eastern Oregon University is a friendly, loving and dedicated university, that only wants to best from their students, by ensure that they get all of the help that they need in order to have wonderful careers later on in their lives.

Khao Shoua

It is very career focused and students seem excited to learn and grow.


Nice smaller university, where you'll wish for a little bit more, but be happy with everything you experience.


The school I am attending is a smaller school with many options for majors, as well as multiple activies to participate in while attending the university.


It is the best thing I have ever done for myself entering EOU; the helpful staff and knowledgable proffessors made my dreams of graduating a reality and with this I can make sure that my grand children go to college too.


EOU is a small campus with smaller class sizes and very well prepared instructors, set in a rural area, with all the lab and medical facilities other large Universities have.


EOU has a beautiful campus in the mountains, provides great outdoor opportunities, and you always have opportunities to talk with your proffessors one-on-one.


the people are very friendly and welcoming, but the town is very small!


High quality Proffesors, highschool sized classes and located in a small rural community.