Eastern Oregon University Top Questions

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As I am working full-time and going to school on-line the distance education classes and the ease of which the professors and / or teachers provide communication is extremely helpful. You don't have to wait for a class day in order to ask a question. And, the question is answered usually within 24 hours or less. The connectivity you have with teachers and other students taking online courses is extremely helpful.


The school I chose allowed an athlete to compete in multiple athletics, while also being a full time student. The classes were much more personal than the other schools that I considered. I was really looking forward to being able to have a better relationship with my professors.


EOU was the best choice for me. The advisors are very helpful in helping to map out the best route to accomplish my goal. The financial aid department is prompt to reply to any questions or concerns I have. The instructors are informative, and push me to think harder and go farther in my writing assignments. I do participate in online "discussions" and get to know my fellow students throughout the classes. This is the best university/college experiience I have encountered. When I have called instructors they have been very informative and personable. I couldn't ask for more!


The students are very friendly, good staff who always willing to help. good coaching staff for every sports. Many differn majors to choose from.


the amount of classes availble online


small intimate classes and teachers actually care about the students


I can compleate most of my class work on line


It is a small campus. About 2200 students. There are brand new dorms and they are very nice. Our school also has no out of state tuition what so ever. So it is very welcoming to all ethnic backgrounds and students from foreign countries


The Location is perfect, up in the Mountains in a very small close-nit community. Wonderful MTE program with many opportunities in surrounding areas. Smaller class sizes, allowing students to develop strong relationships with profressors; this helps us to be more successful and always have an adminstrator to turn to for help.