Eastern University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


From the moment I visited the beautiful campus of Eastern University, I knew this is where I was meant to go to school because I felt the closeness of the staff and students and learned that many of the staff actually went to Eastern University as students and loved their experience so much they wanted to work there when they graduated.


My school allows me to feel free, motivated and anxious to persue the "career-world."


My school is an academic place full of great people and new experiences to help you acheive your future goals.


My school is very old fasion and traditional .


Eastern University is a small, private Christian school in an affluent suburban area outside Philadelphia that focuses on social justice.


Eastern University is an exceptional school with amazing opportunity.


It is a warm community focused on the implementation of social justice and faith in learning.


Eastern University is a Christian university where the love of Christ is truly manifest in the lives of the students and faculty, resulting in the tolerance and service of others, regardless of background.


Eastern University is a tightly-knit, Christ-centered community striving toward academic excellence.


An academic institution seeking to aid, equip, and involve students in living lives of faith, reason and justice.


Eastern is perfect if you want a school that intertwines faith with learning: perfect location, passionate faculty and students, challenging courses.


Eastern is a engaging community that strongly values the integration of faith, reason, and justice.


Eastern University is one big community based family.


Eastern is a school that focuses on using reason to justify faith and promote justice to spread Christ's love regardless of one's religion.


eastern university is a great school, with friendly people and a great environment for spiritual and academic growth.