Eastern University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Most are very friendly and helpful and seem ready to learn.


We have either hyper conservatives or ultra liberals. There really isn't an in between. We have people from Portland or Seattle, or from any of the neighboring farm towns. There is a great deal of respect among students, though most people will stick to their guns on their end of the political and moral spectrum. Though the campus is an open and accepting place for the most part, we are still a bit behind the times in LGBTQ issues. Though we have several prominent individuals who work with the GSA and similar groups. We are on our way, but not quite there yet.


Most of my classmates are understanding and fun people to learn with and also be with outside of class. Many of them are interested in my personal life and are not only my classmates, but my very close friends.


Faith, Reason, and Justice is the motto of Eastern University and is also what many of the students at Eastern are concerned about.


My classmates are growing individuals who have a zest for life and for learning, who are broadening their horizons and enjoying each other along the way.


Classmates here at Eastern come in many varieties, but a large chunk of them tend to be environmentally and socially minded. Social and environmental justice are huge themes at Eastern.


My classmates are intelligent, friendly, questioning, and fun.


The students of Eastern University are extremely diverse, and yet there is an incredible spirit of community and support for each other throughout the campus.


My classmated are curious, interesing, and passionate.


very open minded- good in discussion


Most of my classmates are really great to have in class, because they get really into the discussions and interact well with the other students in the class.


My classmates are friendly but can be extremely closed minded and can often lack real life experienced, they are often times sheltered by their parents worldviews.


they are nice


They are insightful and care.


My classmates are a group of ethnically, politically, and religiously diverse people who are hardwoking in academics, sports, music, extra-curricular activities, faith and friendship.


My classmates are very considerate of their surrounding classmates and are very helpful when I am stuck on something.