Eastern University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Eastern Univesity, being a small school, has a very tight-knit community. Practically everybody knows everybody, which I think is amazing. Becasue of this type of community, I have developed great freindships that I am sure will last a lifetime. In addition to this, Eastern University has some very unique majors not offered at many other schools, such as Biblical studies, theology, and dance. Our Youth Ministry and Nursing majors are also recognized as some of the best programs in their respective fields.


Its Christian foundation. There is also a fantastic adult learning program in many areas.


Eastern University is perhaps best known for its professor emeritus Tony Campolo, a prominent Christian figure, who gives the university a liberal reputation.


Eastern is best known for its campus. It has a rich history, full of donations and charity that built the school. It is beautiful. We are also very well known for famous people who have attended or who are affiliated or who teach at Eastern University.


My university is best known for the fact it's a christian schoool


Eastern University is well-known academically for its Youth Ministry and Education programs. The university places a high emphasis on reaching out to the community and being willing to serve others. Eastern tries to provide several opportunities for students to become involved in community service projects and has contacts and information available for students to plan and implement their own service projects. Further, the institution's soccer teams are well known and respected.


Field Hockey team. Mens' and womens' soccer teams. Helping the community.


Tony Campolo