Eastern University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the worst part about Eastern University is the food, which is catered by Sodexo. I wouldn't necessarily call Sodexo's food "bad", but I can not call it "good". Some food items are better than others, so not all of it is intolerable. However, eating similar foods three times a day for an entire semester makes the food seem much worse. Taking into account the money I pay to attend Eastern University, I think the food served here could be much beter.


There always seems to be random bills that "pop up."


The worst thing about my school is probably just the cost of it. Of course, it is a private college and it is about average cost for a private college education. I just think it is unfortunate that it costs so much to get an education.


It's a toss up between dealing with the financial aid office and lack of meal plan options. Eastern did all of the major stuff pretty well, but some of those smaller details were annoying every once in a while.


The worst thing about my school is definitely the food. It is good for a little bit and than it completely messes up your digestive system. The other really annoying thing is that Eastern fines you for everything. It is not nice. It is already an expensive school.


No football team


The worst thing about Eastern University is that it is so expensive. Since it is a private, religious school, the tuition is very high and rises every year.


My school does not have enough places to study and do homework. Sometimes it takes me and my friends about twenty minutes to find a place to study because the Library and the computer lab are packed. The Library and the computer lab are great resources for doing homework, but they are not enough for our growing campus. Getting computers is very competitive. People usually have to run to the next open computer in order to secure one. We need more than a library and a small computer lab.


You need to find your own entertainment on the weekends, sometimes.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that there is never enough parking because Campus Security over-allotted parking permits!


Many students go home on the weekends. Not much to do on campus on the weekends.


The cost in respect to the most popular majors. The most popular majors do not yeild high earning careers. The financial aid process makes it difficult to attend school.


The cafeteria hours and the food.


The worst thing about Eastern is honestly that the dining commons has specific times when we can eat, and isn't open all day to fit with EVERYONE'S schedules.


The worst thing is the expense, but I would do it again because you can't put a price on education.


The worst thing is that they need more space available for all the incoming freshmen!


the social life