Eastern University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is open-minded and friendly. Each semester students are excited about incoming freshman to help them and show them the ropes. This atmosphere is filled with extroverted, outgoing, and friendly people. This is a Christian University as well and if you are open to hearing about Jesus, then you should come as well.


A person should attend Eastern University if they are looking for a good, faith based education. Not neccesarily to grow in their faith, but that can certainly happen. Eastern prides itself on its academic achievement and how quickly its students have found career opportunities after graduation.


A person looking for a small school environment yet has large school opportunities ( ie sports, christian activities, volunteer and mission opportunities)


A student that is ready to devote his life to studying hard for their future. It is a private schoool and you need to be sure that you're financially cleared believe me I'm talking through experience. But if your looking for a tranquil and peaceful place where there are good people Eastern University is an option for you.


Some who is focused on their long term goal, a career, and putting education first.


A person who is open to learning and ready for new, challenging experiences.


Someone who is very community and people oriented would do well at this school. Someone who is looking for the smaller school setting with smaller classes, more one on one time with professors, and willing to work hard would enjoy this school. It is a great place for someone who wants to broaden their horizons why learning more about other cutlures, religions, getting world experiences by traveling and learning new things.


This school is definitely open to many types of people. The academics are difficult so it is important to care about your education and work hard. Eastern teached students how to think for themselves and develop a system of beliefs and morales that help in life in general, not only in education and careers. People who want a rewarding life should attend Eastern University.


Someone who is culturally mindful and environmentally friendly. Also someone from a Christian religious background, but it is not necessary for attending the university and most people are kind to that preference. Ultimately it does no tmatter whether one is liberal or conservative as both groups are able to find their own groups to join up with.


The kind of person to attend this school should be open-minded but at the same time be strong in what they believe.


A person wanting to obtain the academic ability to lead a purposeful, helpful life should attend this university.


There's not really a type of person that should attend Eastern. Eastern's student population is very diverse in race, religious beliefs, and plotitcal stances. Eastern also offers a wide variety of feilds if study which would suit anyone's career goals. However If a student is looking for a university where they can explore their faith, take part in Faith, Reason, and Justice, both in their personal lives and in the'r relationship with the world around them, while bulding lasting friendships, then Eastern is the place for them.


Eastern is a school for Christian's who want to be taught HOW to think, not WHAT to think. If you are very outgoing, excited about your faith, and looking for ways to use your faith in your daily life, Eastern is the school for you. It teaches you how to integrate faith in practical ways in your daily life.


Anyone who is interested in the Liberal Arts and looking for a university that is founded upon Faith, Reason and Justice; and is active in achieving cultural and environmental peace should attend Eastern University