Eastern University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that is not goal driven should not attend this school. The professors of this school have expectations and follow the syllabus in its entirety so it would be easy to fall behind if he/ she ignored or overlooked an assignment.


If you are the type of person that does not like close-knit community or a small university, you would probably not like this school. Also, if Christianity makes you feel uncomfortable, maybe choose a different school. If you are not into having safe and friendly fun, go somewhere else. Eastern University is a great learning environment for those who are serious about getting their college degree. The professors truly care about the students and the students/classmates are super friendly. The environment at Eastern is very friendly and welcoming, if you are not into that, find somewhere else.


The only kind of people who should not attend my school are those that are looking to party frequently. Yes, there are plenty of places to go in the area, and plenty of students with off-campus apartments who host parties, but the party scene is not huge on campus as it is a dry campus. Those that are looking to spend the night in their boy/girl-friends room should also not attend, as there are specific visiting hours that you have to adhere to. I think both of these are good things for the campus though.


Someone who is looking to party a lot and drink every weekend. Also, someone who has problems with authority and following rules.


A person that is very conservative or who only wants to go to school for the parties should not attend Eastern University.


The person who should not attend this school is someone who wants to party all the time. Someone who is not open to all ethnic, social and religious groups. Someone who does not want to focus first and foremost on education and then socializing second.


If you don't care about God very much, or religion you should not attend Eastern, though it is accepting, it does not promote any other religion besides for Christianity or theistic religions. Also if someone does not read very much, and doesn't want to read very much they should not come to Eastern, the course load for a regular class is mostly just reading and discussing.


Someone who does not want to be challenged and change should not attend. Eastern is an absolutely amazing school that will crack your mind open with all kinds of view points and really get you thinking about yourself and the world around you. It changes you in the most amazing way. You will never be the same because you learn to see things from more than your own eyes. You seek justice.




Pretty much anyone can attend.


You shouldn't attend school if you aren't interested in nurturing your spiritual life. Eastern is strongly geared towards making strong, effective Christians for the world. They care as much about your personal faith as much as they do about your education. Eastern is not a big school for partying, but rather more a place for sincere relationships and community in a safe spiritual community. If you are looking for a small christian school with easy access to Philadelphia and the Main Line, Eastern might be a perfect fit for you.


Someone who enjoys big classes where they are referred to by a number. Someone who doesn't like individual attention. Someone who likes to party and drink and go crazy. Someone not that imnterested in getting a really good education, rather they like partying and having a good time.


Someone who is very needy when it comes to their social life will be unfulfilled here, unless they have a great connection with friends nearby. Don't expect to find your dreamer spouse here either if you are a female, 'cause the ratio is to your disadvantage.


If you're close-minded and set in your beliefs, you will be challenged at Eastern.


A Christian seeking to get the Christian response to lifes issues. Not much place for non religious poeple.


Someone who doesn't take getting a college education seriously.