Eastern University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frusturating thing is the lack of communication with the Financial Aid and Student Accounts offices.


There was nothing really frustrating about starting at Eastern University, it was a great experience.


When I attended, the financial aid office was less than helpful. In fact, one could even say they were rude, and extremely non-caring. It is not the type of attitude we expected to encounter at an Christian university. Being a large part of a student's journey to the college, it was frustrating that they were so unwilling to help and explain, even though the office is largely the face and impression of the college to the parents and students that attend. It does not seem to matter to them and that was extremely frustrating every year I attended.


There are times when professors do not know how to properly convey their knowledge, so it makes it very difficult to understand what they are trying to teach us. Either they are far to lofty in their answers, referring to processes and vocabulary that we have not learned yet, or they over-simplify the concepts and it is much like being back in high school.


The most frustrating thing about attending Eastern University is the visitation hours. On Friday and Saturday nights, visitation is until 1 AM. However any other day is until 10:30 PM, except for Wednesdays, there is no visitation on Wednesdays. It is frustrating because we are adults, and it feels like we are being told what to do and it seems like the University doesn't trust the students aren't going to regretable things late at night.


Financial enrollment would possibly be the most frustating part about Eastern and also finding the halls in which to take your classes but it all sorts itself out as long as you know how to ask people such as the dean, teacherfs, other students, and even cafeteria workers.


The most frustrating thing about Eastern University is the financial aid system/building. The financial aid building has 6 or 7 different departments in that one building and that can be very confusing to someone because when your in a program such as myself you there are only a few advisors that can answer your questions.


Lack of religious diversity


As a commuter, it is often hard to get to know other students the way that residents do. It seems they have stronger bonds.


The most frustrating thing about Eastern University is the degree to which it excludes itself to the Christian subculture.


The most frustrating thing about my school was the cost. I enjoyed college very much but had to take out a lot of loans each semster and now have a lot of school debt. There were not a lot of scholarship oppurtunities for a white, middle class, average grade, American girl.


Sometimes you get tired of the food after a while. Also the different offices/departments don't always communicate which makes it harder to get things resolved if you are having an issue.


Sometimes the information you seek no one knows so you just need to search with students who have tread those waters before. The best advice for financial aid and other money issues comes from alum.


The administration (mostly finanical aid department) usually sends you around in circles before solving any actual problems.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it's extremely expensive. The quality of my education is great but it's getting to the point that it's unaffordable for my family. My little sister has Down Syndrome and it is very expensive to provide therapies and assistance for her.


There are cliques like any other place. So make the most of your freshmen year because you will most likely be stuck with that group of friends, if they are still around. People tend to be very busy with off campus activities and have little time to develop in depth friendships.