Eastern University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the chance to grow closer to Christ and be around people striving for the same thing.


The best thing about my school, Eastern University, is the Christian-based enviroment!


The school is very beautful. The professors care about their students and are always open to helping you. They are kind. They also know what they are talking about. They are experts in their field and do not condemn you for asking questions. The students are also very kind. Of course there are always those people who are not the nicest; however, most of the students are very friendly. The people in general are the best part of Eastern University.


One of the most important things I took away from my time at Eastern Universtiy was preparation for life after college. I was able to participate in internships and study abroad experiences that prepared me for my chosen career path. I also formed strong relationships with other students and with professors, which have helped me both in developing a satisfying social life and in making professional connections. I still keep in touch with several my professors and they have given me invaluable guidance about different decisions I am facing .


There is an emphasis on asking hard questions and pursuing the answers. Our professors never stop us from asking questions, and there are times when our entire class is based off of one question. There is a strong desire for our professors to help us learn what we believe in and why we believe it is true, not to indoctrinate us with their beliefs and pressure us to only answer with responses that fits their world views. Eastern not only wants you to excell academically, but as a good person.


Very theologically based. If you wish to explore your thoughts about there being a higher power and discuss it with others Eastern is very encouraging on that. The community is also very nice, because it's so small everyone kind of knows one another.


The best thing about Eastern University is the small community. One thing I love about Eastern is that it is a smaller campus, so it is easier to keep in contact with your professors!


The best thing about Eastern for me was the spiritual growth. College is a time to find yourself and choose what kind of life you wish to lead. The faculty is very friendly and welcoming and most of my friends from all different types of majors have personal relationships with several professors. I have appreciated the community support and encouragement from both faculty and my fellow students. I would say that Eastern is a great place to come and learn what being a true Christian is really about in a fresh and alive atmosphere.


The best thing about the school is the diversity. Usually there is great diversity in the ideas that are presented. Likewise you can really get to know those whom you disagree with and there is a great sense of bringing people together and discussing instead of just fighting. There are some who are staunch believers in what they believe, but ultimately it is a great school for learning new ideas as well as providing some of your own. Also it is very culturally aware and very mindful about the environment.


The best thing about Eastern is its unique community. I feel at home and loved at this school.


The best thing is the amazing professors who we have as resources. In college we learn who we are and we are constantly changing and asking questions. At Eastern they encourage that and the professors are great resources for us to discuss things with, and though they do not tell you the answer usually they help you work through your thoughts. Plus most professors are very wise, genuine people who care about their students.


Eastern encourages to use your gifts, talents and education to go out into the world and make a significant impact. To seek justice in the world.