Eastern Washington University Top Questions

Describe how Eastern Washington University looks to someone who's never seen it.


Very centered around student athletes.


Eastern Washington University is a very welcoming and diverse school.


The biggest thing in East Washington, in the smallest city in East Washington!


Full of smart people that commute to campus daily.


The school that I attend is not very big so you don’t feel overwhelmed; it’s nice not having to worry about getting lost because you don’t know where to go.


Eastern Washington University has a unique Dental Hygiene program which is extremely competetive program. The University offers a bachelors rather than just an associates in Dental Hygiene. This allows Dental Hygienists to learn more about the Dental field and are able to do more in their careers. I am extremely grateful to be accepted into this program as I will be able to learn more about my profession and will be able to give back to the community.


Eastern Washington university is good school for those who want an affordable college. They offer variety of programs. Staff and faculty are always there in time of need. The campus if not too big or too small so its easy to make new friends.


Open campus in a good climatic environment with good parking availability and classes and professors that, when initiated by the student, are willing to assist with additional help.


Eastern resides in small town of 16,000 while school is in session (about 4,000 when school is out of session) and is homey, cheap, and far away from where I grew up. It's everything I wanted out of my college.


My school is a small place in a big world but a big world in a small place.