Eastern Washington University Top Questions

Describe the students at Eastern Washington University.


They are just like students any where else.


My classmates are driven, competitive students.


Self motivated, friendly, and determined to meet their goals.


My classmates were always working over-time and helping one another out in ways that really showed they had a passion for what we studied.


My fellow Eastern Eagles are outgoing, fun, crazy, and amazing. I love going to school with them. I've never been somewhere where the door is held open so much for me. People are polite, you can walk up to anyone on campus and talk to them with no judgement passed. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.


My classmates are fun to be around, diverse, and easy going.


My classmates, despite coming from different backgrounds, are accepting of each other's opinions, values, and lifestyles and respond positively towards contributing and embracing new ideas.


Enjoyable to be around, helpful with questions about classes and notes, excellent attidude.


My classmates are very nice and helpfull.


Many local students who didn't want to leave the area or were unmotivated to apply to a higher standard school.