Eastern Washington University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The football team, physical therapy program, Seahwawks old training field.


Their community! The community here is incredible! Everyone is super nice and helps each other out. They also have the lowest in state tuition which is nice, but its still enough to hurt your pocket just like any other college. Finally, the education here is fantastic with great instructors and classes.


Offering affordable education and small class sizes, with hands on learning.


A great school if you want a good atmosphere of friendliness and fun. It is not too big like Washington State, but still has 20,000 students so you have the opportunity to meet a lot of different poeple and make good friends. The school is also best known for its great football program.


I do not known any school best but I from south sudan

Shelnila Chin

We are best known for our red turf and being 2010 Football National Chapions. We have a great campus and the atmosphere is super friendly.


We won the national championships in football. We lso have decent education and journalism programs.


I do not know what my school is best known for but i do know that my school has the best or one of the best Recreational Programs. The recreation programs that i am talking about are Theripudic Recreation, Recreation Management, and Outdoor Recreation. Not only is our recreation department growing every year but our school is trying to set up a minor for Challange Course Management and Leadership. The teachers are all very easy to talk to and helpful for someone if they need a job.


The Education, Computer Science, Nursing, and Eviromental Science programs.


Being a community college that encourages Running start. And one that is active in "going green."


My school is best know for thier great accounting and teaching programs. My school is also well known for its great location, which is close to a city while still maintaining a small town feel. My school has one of the lowest four year tuition rates in the state, and somehow manages to keep small class sizes, which I much prefer.


The teaching program.


Sports medicine, Psychology, and our Hockey team.


Degrees in Education, Exercise Science, Physical Therapy, Small Campus


My school is best known for its computer department


Eastern Washington University originally started out as a teaching school, but now is more interdisciplinary focused offering courses in hard sciences such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and more liberal based arts programs such as Arthropology and Sociology giving students a wide range of possibilities.


we've got a great athletic department, and students really get into games. we are small enough that you know, or recognize tons of people that a larger campus wouldn't allow you to do.


I'm not sure what my school is best known for. Possibly its physical therapy program and related programs. that is why i ended up coming here. Their Athletic Training program and their Physical Therapy program were highly recommend by many people and that is the career direction i am headed towards.


I'm not really sure what our school is known for. We have a really pretty campus so I think that's really the only thing.


it's forensic science departmen and music


Less expensive than most colleges, cliques, the medium between community colleges and respectful state colleges.