Eastern Washington University Top Questions

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The size and envvironment.


I love how small the campus is, you can walk to class or go to get lunch and see someone you know and can talk to. Once you've met someone in class you'll say hi to them for the rest of your time here at Eastern. The closeness of the campus makes it easy to walk from one class to the other in time. The campus police and nice and friendly but not overly-strict. And the campus food has lots of options for different allergies and diets.


Eastern Washington University cares for its students. It offers satellite programs with specialized faculty to cater to the needs of those enrolled in cities abroad. Even with a satellite program, I can enroll in the classes that interest me, as well as those that fulfill my graduation requirements. These criteria are met by the university's willingness to listen to the student voice. I am very proud to be able to contribute to my program's success.


Eastern Washington University was the cheepest in tuition compared to others and that doesn't reflect on acedemic quality.


Good bang for the buck


The studennt body is very unique in that we all accept one another. Diversity is prominent, and of course we tend to hang out with people of the same race and interests, but we're always accepting of others. Each student is very encouraging and supportive of one another, whether we're best friends, or if we just met.


Smaller Campus


Eastern is a small school that allows students to have an individualized education. Students at Eastern create strong relationships with thier professors, which give them a better more meaningful education. Eastern is settled in a small town that has a small community feeling to it. The community business's enjoy helping out the school and provide all the necessities for student needs.


The teachers are very active in your life. They want you to take as much as possible out of the school. its nice.


This school has amazing teachers with extraordinary teaching skills. They are always easy to understand, and always there to help you despite how busy they are. The staff, too, is so helpful all the time. Whenever you have a problem or need advice, they are always there to help you make a decision and bring you with the information you need to know. This is very important, because without such help, I would be lost today. Thank you teachers and advisors!


I considered other schools in Washington but what Eastern has that those other schools did not was how the school was set up to be effictive in teaching and learning and the class sizes. Eastern has a feeling of happiness and school spirit when you step on to it. I knew it was the right school for me because when I visited other campuses I didn't recieve that same feeling. Eastern is wonderful school that i recommend to anyone looking for the right school.


Eastern Washington is one of the smaller division one schools that I applied to. Most of the other schools were larger pac ten schools.


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