Eastern Washington University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about how much school spirit we have, as well as an exceptional education program.


Thats I'm able to focus and have stepped up tremendously in my grades since high school.


I am most impressed by the diversity of students that attend Eastern Washington University. I previously attended college in Tacoma where I tended to find everyone sharing very similar qualities, making it difficult for me to expand my knowledge on different lifestyles. Contrastingly, at EWU I meet new and different people every day that hold different values, come from different cultures, speak different languages, and live different lifestyles. Together at this one school we all blend together into a healthy and cohesive diverse community.


This school is very student oriented. They have included in tuition a lot of extra perks. Use of the campus gym, All city buses in Cheney and Spokane, and even money credited to print out documents. And use of all of these things would cost you so much more money if you had to pay out of pocket. I calculated, that if i were to use the campus gym every day that it was openfor the school year, I would pay about 4 cents a day.


How politically active the students are as well as how adventurous they are.




I tend not to brag...


Well since I dont live on campus, I dont really know a lot of detail about campus life and night life. I dont know if its a big party school but my impression is that if you dont want to be involved with the party scene, there are plenty of other options to get involved. I would have to say I like the environment the best. From the PUB to the recreational center to the ride on the bus every day, I would have to say the quiet college town suites me well.


I tell everyone how much flexibility Central Pennsylvania College offers its students. As a working student, I appreciate the variety of options in class scheduling. With online, blended and evening courses, students can reach their educational goals while still managing their home and professional lives.


How much fun I have with my friends and how well I get along with my professors. I also like to talk about the fitness center and some of the cool projects I get to do in my Computer Animation classes.


I love how the classes are smaller and that you can actually interact with the teachers. Also the way the staff there sits down with you and helps you choose not only your classes for the quarter but: what you need to get your degree, the eassiest way to get there, and how to get the most out of your classes. Lets say if you take a 200 level class instead of a 100 level in conjunction with the other required classes you could earn another minor.


to the ones who decided to take a break, or work and eran money first. i tell them that if they chose to go back to school then they have to go to a university, and i hint towards my school of course. but i tell them that the dorm life is so cool, campus life is so cool, and that every weekend is a blast. i tell them that its definitly worth the money they will pay, and that they will learn things they never knew and meat many many new people in a very short periood of time.


The dorms are a great way to make new and interesting friends. Also our school has a lot of team spirit at varsity sports games. (footbal, men's basketball, and women's basketball)


The freedom and the classes that they offer. There is such a wide viarty of classes that will help in the future.




The great teachers, great friends and that I can walk to my classes rather than run.


It's a nice building and a nice campus, the classes are interesting and have reasonable times. I live close enough to the campus to walk to classes. This school has a better gym than most schools and has some pretty good food.


I love running into people I know everyday all over the place!! It is such a small community, and yet I am always meeting new people also!


When I am asked about my school, I always get a big grin on my face. I tell people about how the class sizes are perfect and my professor cares for who I am and how they can help me improve. My school has lots of school spirit which is seen throughout the campus and shown everyday. The staff is quite friendly and they are there to help you with anything one might need help or advice on. I always tell my friends how happy I am with school and the feeling I get when I step on to campus.


How wonderful the campus looks and the awesome new gym/recreation center that was just built.


that it is very inexpensive


The lower cost for a quality education. I transferred from Gonzaga and have had a better experience at EWU thus far. The professors are well-educated and there is plently of opportunity for help in classes.


Idont really brag about the school, but i would say its a good place to go if you are from a small town. It was really easy for me to adjust to the college life. Also campus is very pretty, and seems safe.


I love the size, I love the family feeling. You live and work and associate with the people you attend class with. It is in a small town, but just a 20 minute drive from a large city. There is always something to do, and if you need a ride into town, the buses are free to students.