Eastern Washington University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I don't have anything bad to say about the University that I am attending. I love every part of it, that's why I chose to attend Eastern Washington University.


What I consider to be the worst thing about California Baptist Universtiy would be that they don't offer financial aid through public education programs such as EOP or EOPS for low-income students. Also, its very hard and competitive to find a job on campus and I believe that students should have more options.


I don't think much is bad about my school but if I had to pick something I would say that its location is sometimes difficult in terms of access to various stores, but Spokane is fifteen minutes away and has pretty much any place you may need.


The worst thing about the school is the town it is in. Eastern Washington University is in Cheney, Wa. The town is only a few thousand people without the college. This does not give student much to do outside of the campus. But there is a big city of Spokane only thirty minutes away and there are lots of opportunites for fun there.


There seems to be a campus wide focus on social work/psychology majors, which leads to those buildings getting the newest updates. In comparison to the English/Language/Econ building, the Science building looks like a depressing movie prop designed to instill a sense of nostalgia.


I suppose that the worst thing about my school would be the fact that some of the buildings are very old. While I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, but when I am in a new building it feels much nicer and there’s more lighting.


If i had to consider the worst things about EWU campus life and town living, i would say outdated buildings, less job opportunities, and lack of courses to take. Living on or near campus you can view most buildings as outdated and of need of reconstruction to attrack more students to attend. Another down fall is having no small or company businesses for empolyment, if you are looking to work on campus job opportunities are slim, and the town of EWU doesnt provide much either. Last would be not enough selection for intresting courses a student would want to take.


I didn't like the snow soemtimes, because it kept people indoors, but they did have hot chocolate to remedy that.


I find the administrative staff very unhelpful, because they often won't answer your questions about the school and have lost papers that I was required to turn in. I would appreciate better help and more information.


The worst part about my school is housing and meal plans. The housing at my school can be very gross and dirty. They can be very loud at night and distracting during the day. I found it very hard to stay focused when trying to do my homework in the dorm. The meal plans are way too expensive for the quality of food we receive. The total cost for room and board was about $800 a month. In my opinion this is not very affordable.


In my opinion the math department is the worst part about my school. The reason why is because the teachers at the basic to pre-calculus classes are tought by graduate students who have rarely ever tought a class before. Another reason why is because when a person goes to get help from the tutor lab, the tutors do not explain or show how to do some problems right. I know this not just by experiance but also by fellow classmates from several stages of math.


The worst part about our school is the math department! It is absolutely horrible, there are only a handful teachers in the department who are actually willing to help you.


The limited number of programs offered.


It is honestly hard to point out the worst thing about Eastern Washington University (EWU). Since I have been attending EWU, I have only noticed all of the excellent services EWU provides. I cannot blame EWU for any of the hickups that have occured since I have been attending the school, because any of the hickups I faced regarding EWU could have been avoided if I put forth a better effort to resolve issues. What I mean by "hickups" are issues or problems that set me back any of the time.


I think the worst thing about this school is the lack of computers. Not everyone owns a computer and it's hard to get on them most the time. Pluse you have to pay to print which gets expensive. I don't own a computer so it makes printing and typing difficult. I think printing should be free or cheeper.


Our math department is lacking a lot!


I didn' t feel like the school tried very hard to build a quality name for itself. Their admissions standards didn't seem that high, thus not giving them a very prestigious feel compared to the other schools in the state.


During winter time, it snows alot and very very cold. I grew up in not very cold place, so during my first year it was too cold for me. Other than that, i can't really think of other worst thing about our school.


Our politcal races a re almost pointless. Every year when we elect our student staff of positions they always end up being the same people. Every year and every position a Frat or sorority member wins. It seems only frat and sorority members vote or even run because ev eryone knows what will happen regardless


Some of the teachers and classes. Some classes are only offered one time a year and the teachers don't let anyone on the waitlist in. So you are a year behind in school.


not enough classes offered


The stupidity of the general populace seems to be the most prevalent aspect of the campus. There is a large handful of truly intelligent people, but there seems to be those who are mediocre and those that are truly unintelligent. The Greek life is much too overwhelming and with Greek comes drinking. School is certainly not at the top of many people's minds.


The worst part about our school is the greek system. Some of the houses are really good and very respectable... but other houses are not so much. I think that and the number of foriegn exchange students. They do not attend class with us, but they live with us and socialize with us, when in reality they only socialize for the most part with other foriegn exchange students