Eastern Washington University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone that would like to further their education should go to Eastern Washington University.


Someone who is opened minded, and doesn't mind the cold weather during the winter and hot weather during the summer.


Someone interested in social work or psychology. The amount of resources here for them are pretty impressive, especially considering the inexpensive tuition.


Anyone looking for a great education without the price tag of big state schools or private schools. Still a state university but smaller campus and class sizes, friendly professors.


I beleive a well rounded student with great humor, good morals, high life exspectations with high goals should attend this school, including low income students with not much support from family memebers. I beleive if you are a first generation student to attend college, Eastern Washington University (EWU) is great for you. If unsure about college EWU is be a great step to make instead of applying to a 2 year community college. If school fits you, and you are unsure about attending a huge college EWU is perfect size to get familiar with campus life, and town settings.


To attend this school you should already know college expectations and know that you will have to make appointments simply to sign up for classes. People that like having some guidance in choosing classes will be a great fit here.


Someone who likes the small town enviroment.


A person searching for a supportive community in a small town setting. There are many extracurricular opportunities and numerous high quality faculty. If a person is dissuaded by pure academic rigour and heartless competition they should consider here. The atmosphere is conducive to inquiry without turning it into a job.


Someone who is looking for diversity shoudl attend this school. Eastern has great programs available and the school isn't overwhelming; its not too small but not big. The professors and students are all very helpful and love to answer questions. It's a good place to go to school.


This school is really central to people who are into the wilderness. There is a lot of outdoor activities here and in neighboring Spokane. But really, I would recommend it to anyone. This school has the reputation for being one of the lowest costing colleges in the state and that in itsself is a wonderful perk! The campus is beautiful, the town is beautiful and there is lots to do around here!!


I think any and all kinds of people can and should attend Eastern. The school is full of diverse people with diverse interests, and I'm sure there will be something here for anybody. This school is best for somebody who wants to get down to business when it comes to school because the atmosphere here is good for studying and learning. The class sizes are conveniently small which provides most people with a better learning environment. The faculty are nice, caring people that want to help. Everybody should go here.


There really is not much of a "typical student" that attends this school. There are many different types of people that attend this school that it is pretty difficult to pin point the right type of person. There are multiple different types of social groups here that anyone can get into. The social groups that I see at this school are made up of people that have similar things in common. Many of the students here are in the same degree plan and tend to hangout together since it makes studying and understanding course material alot easier.


Except for the class scheduling issue, I love being a student at EWU. I would not recommend it to alternative students (such as parents or full-time professionals). The quality of education is outstanding but the expectations are high. Students who are willing to work hard, enjoy a beautiful campus, and seek out many extraciurricular activities will thrive at Eastern Washington University.


A person who is very determined, responsible, hard-working, and has good social skills. This person has to be good with times and dates, and helps out on campus, and the community alot. But overall this person must be energetic and skillfull. This person should have several goals and not be lazy or careless. A person that goes to Eastern has to be strong will and full of goals and dreams.


If you want a good education and are willing to put your time and effort into it, then Eastern is the school for you. The teachers are always willing/want to help you as long as you are putting forth some effort. It gives you a good taste of the real world in the way that you have to work for what you want and it's not just given to you, people are willing to help you as long as they are not just doing it for you.


I think a variety of students would be made acceptable. We have first generation students, exchange students, some learning disabled/ physically disabled, and represented by many races. Though the majority of students are just your average out of high school teens, there are some adults going back for education. You don't have to be extremely outgoing and active because there are clubs and study groups too.


Anyone that can't afford to go to a private college but wants the best alternative and is willing to study hard and has a positive attitude. Also, I think it would be helpful if a perspective student has it in them to be sociable and live an active lifestyle because here in the Northwest we all play outdoors depending on what the four seasons allow.


what kind... first off i would like to explain how everyone is nice and outgoing, so that would be a plus. but as long as your willing to put forth effort and do what it takes to complete your goals and missions, get good grades, and come here to be efficient and not a slacker. then i would say this school is good for you. i love eastern alot, its honestly the perfect place for me. not to big, not to small. there is always something to do. and if your a easy going person then eastern would fit you.


Anyone who is serious about there academic career but wants to attend a school that provides a close knit, down to earth atmosphere.


Anyone who wants to succeed in life and who wants to have a great opportunity to find a job after graduating from EWU.


Any kind you will meet a lot of different people that don't look or talk to like you thats the beauty of college!!


Literally any kind of person can attend Eastern Washington University. We have so many different qualities that there will be at least one thing for everyone. We have different clubs for all types of people, interests, majors, sports, etc. There is literally something for everyone. Aside from that, someone who would like to recieve a quality education that will help you to recieve a quality job should attend EWU. We have many teachers who are willing to do anything for there students to succeed. Anyone looking for a small school with big teacher/faculty support should come to EWU.


I don't think there is a certain kind of person that should attend this school , anyone can atttend it's justa matter of if and how they want to become successful and what success is to them because being successful in life is different to every one person that's a part of what makes us different from one another.


Anyone that is looking for something not too small but not too big either. A relax type of person as well just becuase it is a small town it's more of chill place.


Any student who would like to attend a regional higher eduction instiution paying low tuition but receiving a quality education. Eastern Washington University is an institution focuesed to "serve students." The type of student that should enroll to EWU is a student who enjoys discussion and dialogue and enjoys small classrooms considering the student to professor ratio is about 26:1.


Someone looking for a wide range of experiences and lots of opportunities academically and extra-curricularly.


Anyone! it's a great school for everyone and anyone.