Eastern Washington University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person who shouldn't attend Eastern Washington University would be someone who is not goal oriented. At times, classes can be difficult, and many students are competitive with their grades. People who are not goal driven or oriented would have a hard time succeeding here along side the students who are very dedicated to doing well.


Everybody should come here.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who has not researched the what the school offers. If someone does not know what the school offers then it will be hard to pick a major. Also, someone who is not motivated to finish a degree when the decide which major to go into. It can be challenging, but you must not give up and be willing to learn.


Rude people who are uninterested in being the least bit social


Eastern Washington University provides a variety of programs for those at every educational level, be it returning or running-start. A safe learning environment is apparent for all who are willing to succeed academically. Success requires motivation. Unmotivated students should reconsider enrolling at EWU, as its programs may be helpful, the student body and its faculty cannot push dead weight to the graduation ceremony.


There are really not many people that should not attend this school. While the education and equiptment was great, I would not recommend this school for someone who would like state of the art equiptment for every educational experience.


the kind of person who shouldn't attend this college is one who wants to be in a big city and wants to be able to hide in their classes. The teachers make a great effort to get to know you and have you interact with other students.


If you love the hustle and bustle of the city EWU is not the place for you. If you have been looking for a large campus my advice is to keep on looking. This school is not for the "beach bodies" warm weather is not found here till late spring and summer months. If you want to be in walking distance of your favorite mall or stores this may not be the school for you.


Someone who shouldn't attend college is someone who is just looking to drink and party and not actually focus on classes. Those people will quickly be put on academic probation if they fall below a certain GPA level. And if they don't get their GPA back up, they will be kicked out of Eastern.


someone who is small town oriented. A person who likes people either in small groups, or large ones. A person that is interested in education, science, or computers.


Big-city person. EWU is a small school without very much to do in town.


Students that want to play a huge part in the greek life. Students who want to recieve alot of financial aid from the school. Students who only like partying and shopping. Students who enjoy beaches and the city life.


Any person who slacks off all of the time or has no motivation. I think that is true for any college or university. If you are paying for your education, why would you pay to fail? Someone who doesn't do anything is just dragging others down, and wasting the university's time and resources.


Someone who is looking for a great research university or people who are looking for a party school. This isn't UW or WSU


it is a liberal school so it is good


I don't believe there is anyone that shouldn't attend EWU. From what I've experienced, there's no discrimination on campus.


Those who are lazy, unfocuased, and don't want to be there. They aren't going to get anything out of school if they go not wanting to be there.


Middle and lower class. Its very ethnicly diverse.