Eastern Washington University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


This was my number one school of choice. I want to be the best Dental Hygienist I can be and this is the school to go to. I would not change anything about this school.


I wish I would have known more about the living situation on and off campus to be able to find the best deal. Also, I would have liked to know more information on scholarships through out the year that are offered.


How long it would take for the website to be up-to-date and how to read a map.

Shelnila Chin

That the math program is terrible.


The tremendous value of extracurricular activities. There are so many things to get involved in while a given student may be inclined to focus on academics alone.


Before I came to this school I wish I would have known how to use my resorces better with finding ways to pay for my schooling. I wish I would have applied for more scholarships because in reality if you are claimed as a dependant by your parents you do not receive as much financial aide. For me I am personaly responsible for funding my college education and they do not take that into consideration when deciding how much financial aide I will receive for the year.


I wish I would have known where to find the information to rush for sororities, If I would've joined a sorority my freshman year, it would've been a huge help in meeting new people and fidning out important information about campus.


I wish that I had known better how to access accommodations for disabled students.


Eastern does not offer a large or very accessable network of scholarships. Most universities have specific employees that students can talk to about that, and can guide you in the right direction. The financial aid program here isn't very well developed, and often students get thrown under the bus because of office errors or disorganization. I've known numerous students who have had to take quarters off because the school didn't get their loans or financial aid straightened out before class registration.


How much running start would have helped me.


There are some technical aspects concerning scholarship registration online that EWU particularly endorses for the students on campus and I wasn't aware of them until I was well over a year into my educational tenor. Other than that I have not experienced many surprises do to the fact that everyone here is so helpful and informative.


I wish I would have known that the school was in the middle of nowhere.


How to stay healthy and stay out of trouble and keep true to my own values!


What i wish i had known before i came to this school is how everything works because i missed orientation so i came to the school not knowing about a lot of things but as time went on i got the hang of it.


Nothing much. EWU is great.


Opportunities in student government being the Associated Students of Eastern Washington University and Greek Life


That over half of the classes here or only offered during certian quarters and sometimes every other year. Knowing this would have changed my schedule dramatically and would have allowed me to graduate on time. Now I have to say an extra sememester to hit the classes I missed. This is not a problem if you know which classes are like that so you can be sure to take them.


I wish I would have known that the school was mostly ruled by the soroities and fraternities. It seems that if you aren't greek you are a nobody and that really bothers me. It wouldn't have changed my mind about coming here, but I probably would have looked in to becoming greek if I would have known.


More information about my degree and what all classes to take


I wish I was better prepared for research papers and the work load.


Be open to try all new things that sound interesting!




I wish I knew a few more people when I enrolled, but it was very easy to meet people.


How much I was going to have to catch up in my math classes.


That it was not all that scary : ]