Eastern Washington University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The environment is great. There is somewhere for every tyoe of person. If you are introverted, there are study rooms, quiet coffee spots, and single rooms. Extroverted? The pub is always bouncing with excitement.


I consider Chapel to be the best part of California Baptist University because we attend a church service every week. It helps us to be closer to God and to learn from the Bible. The staff at California Baptist University usually invited guest speakers, staff, and pastors to come share the Word of God with the students.


The best thing about Eastern Washington Universtity would be the diversity of the students that attend this college. This university has many different enthic and religious groups that interact very well with each other. There are multiple foreign exchange students from vast areas of the world, such as Japan, Kuwait, and other Asain countries. These students are very eageer to share their culture with other students and tend to break out of their groups and interact with different students of different cultures. They also put on activities throughout the school year that open ideas to new cultures and religions.


The quality of my professors was the best thing about this school. They were always there to help me when I needed it and they often went above and beyond their required duties.


The cost compared to the education you're getting , especially when compared with other state public universities. I felt that I was getting close to the same education out of my degree for fractions less than those that were attending larger schools. It makes a large university student think that most of their high tuition is being used to just expand buildings and sports teams, instead of hiring more teachers and counsolers.


EWU is a great school and has an exciting curriculum focused on student career goals. Not only that EWU offers great and different type of majors for all kind of students. One of the things that I love about EWU is that it offers classes for traditional students during the day in Cheney and at the same time it offers classes during the evening in Spokane for nontraditional students. Not all of the schools can offer different classes at different place and at different times. Therefore EWU is very flexible that way. I would recommend everyone to attend EWU.


For me I find comfort in the small town feel. I like that friendly feeling you get when you are in a small town. The campus size is ideal; you can get from any point on campus in about 10 min. The diversity that is found at eastern is amazing. I love meeting new people and this small campus makes that possible.


I believe the best thing about Eastern Washington University would have to be the people. There are so many awesome people, who are always friendly, that it is easy to find some lasting friendships.


The best thing about EWU is its size. Big enough to feel that you are at one of the big city universities but small enough that everyone remains close.


The best thing about EWU is the people and how they make you welcomed no matter where you come from; no matter who you were in highschool there are always friends there. The people are so giving and caring and are there to suceed and want their friends to also.