Eastfield College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I would have to say that Eastfield College is know by the community to be an accessable resource for completing undergraduate requirements for continued education after highschool. I honestly though have completed all of my courses online, and I am unaware of any other areas in which the school has some notoriaty.


My school is not known for much, being that it is a community college. I know that we have a basketball team, but I'm not sure how good they are. It's a great school for getting a jump start on your college career. It halps set a good foundation for students that want to go to college after high school.


Well I am not exactly sure what Eastfield Community College is known for exactly. I do know that a lot of students who attend Eastfield are graduates out of high school who are looking to get basics out of the way until they decide what they want to major in or adults who are trying to continue their education. Working and attending Eastfield has allowed me to save up when I transfer as well as give me time to decide what my major will be. I have decided I want to contiue my education with a physical therapy major.