Eastfield College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Any kind of person can attend Eastfield. If a person is looking to get an education, he/she will fit in and succeed. There are many opportunities to get the specific kind of education a person is looking for.


Anybody that wants to better their life. Anybody can attened college it's up to the person to make something of it and appreciate the experience. Not everyone has the opportunity but anybody can attened.


A person who is not focused on bettering themselves through education or skills training should not attend Eastfield or any other school for that matter. Eastfield is a community college and which offeres affordable classes so people should really take advantage of being able to get a great education for a low price.


If you are not a vert sociable person then you should not attend eastfield. Eastfield if full of a lot of nice and friendly people. Also, eastfield is very diverse. There is a touch of every ethnic group there, so if you are the type of person who is open-minded in getting to know someone of another race,then eastfield is not the school for you.


Eastfield College offers a wide variety of majors and volcational studies, so it is equipt to support anyone in pursuing their educational goals.


Eastfield College is a Community College, it's based around the idea that if you have put forth effort to finish High School then you are often accepted into it. However, I believe that unless you have the motivation to actually make something of yourself, you shouldn't bother stepping onto campus grounds. This however, doesn't seem to be the ideals of many younger men and women who step out of High School and into College. As I have previously mentioned, it frustrates me greatly to see many who do not care for a higher education.