Eastfield College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The cost of classes is the best thing about Eastfield. I can get an education without breaking the bank. Also, professors are extremely inteligent and helpful. I enjoy going to class.


Eastfield College has a great support staff, and teachers who are dedicated to helping students succeed. It offers a variety of both marrett and need based scholarships for students.


Living in Mesquite I grew up here and got to know some of the history of Eastfield and a few things about it. It's a smaller campus here in mesquite and is just a community college that is close to home. I did not know what I wanted to do when I graduated high school in 2008. I then decided to go to a community college and work to save up for when I transfer off somewhere to a university. Eastfield is the best fit for me because it is close to home and allows me to work.


The perks of Eastfield Community College include personalized teaching assistance due to smaller sized classrooms, and a less expensive way to getting ones educational career started. Where the costs of a university may overwhelm and discourage students from furthering their education, Eastfield Community College is there to give unwealthy students the chance that otherwise may have been an impossibility.


The best thing about Eastfield is their teachers. They have teachers that are willing to help you benifit from the exerience in their class rather, then pass or fail you. They get involved with your personal life and college experience, advice is given if wanted and future friendships. You can count on these teachers whnever you need help and more than likely they will be there for you. Other then the teachers I would have to say the friendly atmosphere of our fellow class/ school mates. We've learned to work together and communicate with one another.