Eckerd College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The student body is very pretentious, and most of the professors do not care.


It's impossible to get any sleep in the dorm rooms on the weekend, because everyone is up blasting music all night.


The worst thing about Eckerd College would have to be the very high tuition. Even with a lot of financial aid assistance, paying tuition and living on campus is extremely steep.


The worst thing about my school would be that as a transfer you get tossed into the middle of everything. Almost like taking a plunge into the center of the school's whole process. Unlike the freshmen that the school works with and eases into college life the transfers are expected to start running even before day one. It can be a shock.


The worst thing about my college is their Financial Aid Department because their staff is inadequate, rude, and do not like to help students.


The food! OMG..enjoy every last bite of home cooked meals that your mom makes for you before you get here. The only palatable foods are the ones that are bad for you.


Some people party too much. It's easy to find people who don't party at all and are share your interests because there's a huge variety of great people, but it's just as easy to find people who are excessive partiers and do almost no studying at all.


The way the kids who attend it act. There is alot of drug use and most of the kids don't consider a night complete unless they're drunk or high.


The tuition is the worst thing about Eckerd. It's incredibly high, and it seems it keeps getting higher. It's hard for me to afford to go, but I always find the extra money somewhere, but I would like it a lot better if the tuition was lowered a bit.


Price versus quality of facilities


I find that having no talk-free study area to use during break periods to be frustrating. I am in the PEL program and take my classes at the Sarasota campus.


The students - upper middle class to wealthy - just expect a degree to be given to them with little effort for a fee that their parents can easily pay. Finding a student who truly cares about working hard and studying is rare. Also, Eckerd suffers from a "plantaition effect" in that the students are mostly white and wealthy while the workers are mostly poor and black. It's appalling how much Eckerd tries to promote a socially responsible atmosphere while they are outsourcing their jobs to companies that pay its workers at poverty level wages.


close-mindedness and superioritiveness of some individual students. also the lack of intelligent life among the student population. Most are rich kids just trying to keep their parents happy so they can keep partying every day.


It is way too expensive.


The lack of financial aid.


It is too small and cliquish.


Too many drugs, not enough emphasis on academics, teachers uninterested, students for the most part are dirty hippies, barely anyone wears shoes, the food is disgusting, the dorms are gross, and the people that are in charge do nothing to help. I wanted a room change because my roommate kept a knife under her bed and they wouldn't let me, even though there was an empty room right next door to me. Everyone knows everyones business and there are alot of std's.


The worst thing about Eckerd is that you definitely need access to a car to get around Saint Petersburg, public transportation isn't very reliable and the campus is far from downtown and the beach.


The only slight problem with this college is that the social life is severely lacking and very often it is quiet on weekends. This is the worst thing because there is never any relief of accumulated stress.


There is a lot of drinking, but it is not difficult to opt out of this if students so choose.


I would consider the worst thing about the school is that the registration process for classes is to confusing and hard. Also there are not enough classes given for the semester.