Eckerd College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


This school is very open to everyone so really anyone could attend this school. Like any other college, you have to be willing to learn and do homework, study for tests, do projects, etc. But a big thing I've noticed about people at this school is that basically everyone is very accepting. So I would say someone who is sheltered and not accepting of others/new things might have a harder time connecting here.


Eckerd College is a school for students who want a well-rounded education and active school lives. Many of the students that attend Eckerd are creatively influenced as well as extremely smart. Many of these students are gifted artists, actors, and future leaders. When you are an Eckerd student you are fun but, driven to get the kind of education that you choose.


Any adult looking go back to college, but can' t due to full-time employment would be a good candidate for Eckerd's College (PEL) Program for Expereince Learners. The course are broken down in 8 weeks semesters, and depending on your degree plan certain courses can be taken on-line. This is an excellent school and I would encourage anyone to check it out.


The type of people that fit in well at Eckerd are laidback, yet not so much to the point where they have zero motivation. Being an EC student requires a great deal of balancing one's social life and academic life. Since Eckerd is located in an area where most people only visit during vacations, the person who would be the most successful there is one who is fun-loving, but possesses the self-discipline necessary to steer them away from excess leisure and towards academic success. If they have these skills, then Eckerd will undoubtedly be a fit.


Eckerd College attracts a variety of students who enjoy the warm temperatures, the proximity to the beach, and care deeply about the environment. Our recyling programs, "go green" efforts, and organic food are just some examples of how the students care about the protecting out future. Poeple who love animals, would enjoy Eckerd's pet dorms. From philosophy majors to marine science majors, students are committed to the liberal arts experience. If you are a person that loves the beach, small liberal arts schools, and small classes, Eckerd is the place for you.


The kind of person attending this school should be willing to be social among many groups of people, he or she should be confident and positive minded. An Eckerd student should be self motivated and tolerant of those around them. They should look for ways to give back to their community by volunteering their resources and talents to a significant cause. They should be willing to promote friendships between others they come in contact with and be able to work with others in a group. He or she needs to obtain the proper skills to be able to lead anywhere.


The type of person that should attend this school is a person who wants to get their future careers jumpstarted and should be an individual, ready to find out who they are and see they're dreams take flight.


An open minded, scholarly minded individual. Someone with strong loyalty and the ability to communicate well. NOT a part animal seeking a fraternity party school


Any type of person who wants to be in a great laid back atmosphere where everyone is invited.


Someone who is open-minded and likes to look at things from various perspectives.


This school is designed for people who extroverted, who are proactive, who want to give back to the world in one way or another, environmentally friendly, who are open, and who want the tools necessary to achieve whatever goal or idea they have.


Some one who is laid back and doesnt need constant stimulation but can just go chill and study at the beach.


Liberal, out going, fun, active, and someone who likes the heAT


Someone who loves the outdoors can balance everything they do and work hard but also be able to play hard there are a lot of activities that can be done but they need to have great time management.