Eckerd College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who enjoys all four seasons should not attend this school. Also, the only major that lacks in quality is Theatre, so no one who has a true passion for it as a career should attend Eckerd.


Someone looking for a big university scene and life and parties. It is preferable that your desired major be one of their specialties, however the faculty are very knowledgeable and capable regardless of the course. They are very helpful to help you study what you want and will help you design a degree program that fits your needs. They are also very good at finding internships for when it's time to make that next step.


some one who does not like flordia weather and the chance of getting stuck in a hurrican. Vary conservative people.


The only kind of person who might feel uncomfortable would be someone who is REALLY conservative and/or close-minded.


someone without a car, who wants to live in the city, hates hot weather, doesn't want to go to a really small school, doesn't like hippies


Someone who wants a large university with big sporting events


Academically competetive, driven individual with very high goals and expectations of themself.


nice, polite people


You shouldn't attend this school if you don't enjoy being outside and being engaged in small classes.