Eckerd College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Its small. You are able to be closer to your teachers and you have more flexability when things go wrong.


The best thing about Eckerd is the student to professor ratio. There are only about 23 students per class. There are few schools were you can interact with professors at the level that students at Eckerd do. There is a great deal of attention given to students, for example, if you miss a class one of your professor will call you to find out why you did not go to class.


The best thing about Eckerd College is the individualized attention each student receives. Every adminstrator, advisor, and instructor I've encountered has treated me with the utmost courtesy and respect. College personnel have approached my education goals in a very personalized manner, always giving my questions and concerns their undivided attention. The application and registration process at Eckerd is surprisingly smooth and convenient. My advisor has provided excellent guidance and inspiring suggestions for my degree plan, and even made changes to my class registration over the phone.


The best thing about my school is the openess and liberal nature of the students and faculty here.


The people are open minded and very much at peace. Also, people are open to new ideas and ways to protect the environment.


The staff and faculty make this campus an awesome place to be. They are very helpful and understanding. The campus itself is also a beautiful place to be.


The people (students and teachers) and the social life


THe atmosphere of the campus and the people around. Teachers are friendly, staff is freindly, people are freindly. Really easy to get involved.


the social connections


Eckerd has an unbelivable amount of opportunities from study abroad to meeting people who have truly made a difference in the world.


Minimum work, lots of partying and a close-knit environment. Also, they have a beach on campus and they have sting rays in tanks


I think the best thing(s) at my school is all the amazing opportunities. There are lots and lots of study abroad programs, great service learning and volunteering opportunities, awesome clubs and activities. This school has basically everything one could want in a college experience.


The school's small class sizes, and strong sense of community. They also allow pets on campus, which eases the transition to college, promotes responsibility and reduces stress.