ECPI University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The cost is very high.


lack of fitness area


If I could choose anything I would say the worst thing is the lack of higher level math courses available. This prevents the engineering type degrees offered from being ABET certified which is upsetting.


The school should increase the size of the school.


The Lack of financial aid is by far the worst thing about Medical Careers Institute. With the amount they charge for tuition you would think they would offer more financial aid, but sadly they don't. It's horrible for me because my family income causes me to be ineligable for any real government based aid and MCI doesn't offer scholarships; so I'm sort of caught between a rock and a hard place. This is my effore to try and find my way.


It?s accreditation. You could only transfer to certain schools.