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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Be more practical in what you pursue. Know what you want out of life, where you want to go, and commit to that decision. I know you are an over-achiever, but don't follow the path you beleive is prestigious because prestige does not always translate into success. That's because success is not what others see in you, but what you see in yourself. Only you can define your own success, so don't let others define it for you. If you do the latter, then the only dream you'll be chasing is someone else's. So, stay focused, figure out a vision, believe in that vision, believe in youself, and persevere through everything else. You got this!


If I could go back in time and give my high school self some advice about college, I would say that no matter what happens in life, never forget to make yourself happy first. It is so easy to get lost in friends, boyfriends, work, and even school that you forget to take care of yourself first. Make yourself happy and you can live a happy life both in school and out. Change your thoughts and you can change your world.


I would say, "Nick dont wait till you are 30 to go back to school do it NOW".


“Get involved, save your money, and remember why you are here.” I believe going to college immediately after high school is the best way to set up for a successful future but it is also a very confusing time and often overwhelming. It is important to remember why you are here – for your future – and to keep your eye on the finish line. Try not to get sidetracked by doubt, alcohol, or negative people. College is a lot harder to get through on the second try when you work full time and support a family. Get involved in organizations, clubs, and other activities that will enhance your overall experience, keep you motivated, and provide a support network when you have trouble. You may find these organizations provide benefits and connections you never realized. Finally, save your money – live like a “broke college student” even if you are not. You have plenty of time to “live it up” after college, and you will be ever so grateful not to have looming credit card debt or massive student loans that you might have avoided if you visited your family for Spring Break instead of taking that trip to Cancun.


If I could go back and tell myself as a senior anything about college it would to not be afraid. I come from a very poor family and the idea of piling up tens of thousands (or more) dollards in student loans terrified me. Due to my stubborn nature I refused to admit to this fear and, rather than accept the possibility that college is possible for a poor boy, opted to join the military instead. I would remind myself that each year you can fill out applications for scholarships and student aid to help ease the burden presented with post college debt. Since my current position in the military is that of a career counselor I have discovered that very few of the men and women that join actually know about the student aid available which leads me to believe that there is far too little education provided to high school students on this matter. Had I, and many of my sailors, known what financial aid was available then I would have pursued an Engineering degree with the University of Arkansas. Finally I would tell myself to keep the faith and to stay vigilent. Hard work pays dividends.


Enjoy the freedom of the bondage of childhood while you can. Never loan what you can not afford to loose. Think of the future often; it will soon be here.


Stay focused and do not learn hard on credit cards.


I love school and I love learning, always have. So I think school is fun well for the most part, sometimes it can be hard. But I think school is only hard if you can't find a way to make it fun. I am the first to attend college in my family and will be the first to graduate as well. I've gotten knowledge from my collge experience and a chance for a better and brighter future. With your help my dreams will be possible not just dreams but reality. Thanks so much Cecily.


So far in college, I have really discovered who I am as a person and the struggles along the way have only made me stronger. I have taken many classes that have opened my mind to a new world that I was shut out from in high school. I have learned to make my own educated decisions, to think critically, and to be a studious person will help me to achieve my academic goals. I have also learned that it is never too late to achieve your dreams. I find it valuable to attend college because of the all around wealth of knowledge that one gets from the many classes you take instead of the cookie cutter classes you took in high school. In my classes you not only learn the material and retain it, but you actually apply that to your everyday life and that is something that I have learned to take away with me along with my degree, the idea that it is imperative to think critically and for yourself.


In this economy, it is essential to have a degree in a given program. I am one of the first in my family to further my education. My dad is an entrepreneur in his own right and my mom is a CNA. I want to make them both proud and show my family that anything is possible and that the sky is the limit. I often imagine myself walking into a job interview with my credentials in hand. I would have so much confidence in myself and my capabilities. Academically, I want to prove those people wrong who said that I couldn?t accomplish my dreams; the people who want to discourage me from what matters to me most, which is my education. My goal is to start a business of my own. I hope to use my online degree as a way to give back to my community and to serve as a role model to everyone whom I may come across. I have struggled academically like most students do at some point in their career, but I am not the type to give up. Struggles are a lesson to be learned.


I would tell myself to relax, slow down, and enjoy senior year. I am a perfectionist and I was never satisfied unless I received 100 percent on everything. I stressed myself out so much about grades that I never really got to enjoy all of the fun activities that were available senior year. Once you get to college, no one cares whether you made A?s or C?s in high school. While you want to keep your grades up enough to get into the college of your choice, you need to relax and have fun your senior year. You only get to experience it once and it really has a lot to offer if you are willing to take the time to have fun. Looking back now, the things I remember about senior year are the few times I actually went out and took in the different experiences. I do not remember what grade I got on different tests or even in the classes themselves. So, slow down, take in the experiences, and just enjoy being young and not having many responsibilities. Believe me; the real world will be here before you know it.


I think I would tell myself that I don't need to let things bother me as much as I have a class full of inmature adults who whine about everything. I also probably would have considered starting school sooner or maybe even choosing a different school to attend.


I would tell myself to stick with it and keep going dont give up. When i was a teenager i had no idea what it was like in the real world. kind of cliche but it took me 5 years to truely value a college education and how much I could truley benifit from it. not to mention how much it could change my life.


You should not be afraid to follow your dreams. Don't put off going to school. It is better to go ahead and focus and get school out of the way. If you are truly not ready to go to school right away just focus on your job and taking care of your family until you are truly ready to focus on school.


The advice I would give myself is that I would have went to college sooner, instead of taking two years off. I would tell myself college is a fun and interesting experience. Also, that it can be hard work at times but has a high reward when i graduate and receive my degree upon completion.


If only I could go back! It may have made funding college so much easier for me. The first thing I would do is reccomend getting more involved. Almost every scholarship application I've read through has requested some form of an extracurricular or volunteer work summary. Next I would warn my self to steer clear of senioritis. Just because your almost done doesn't mean its time to start slacking. Those last few months can turn out to be critical. Also, study! Senior year can be pretty easy, and maybe you don't have alot of work, but continue to study, because if not when you arrive at college you will be at such a disadvantage. College is alot of hard work, and it takes real effort. As far as financial aid and scholarships are concerned you should get started early. The sooner you complete your FAFSA the better, because then you will have a better idea as to how much you will actually have to put towards your tuition out of pocket. Lastly I would just say maintain your dedication, never stop telling yourself you can do it. With enough confidence you cant go wrong.


If I could go back in time and give myself some helpful words of advice for college I would say study hard and prioritize your time. I would tell myself to keep focused on the learning aspect of school as well as the social aspect, but more on the academics. I was very social in school and didn?t apply myself as much as I could have, therefore I got by with good grades, but they could have been great grades. If I knew then what I know now constantly pops into my head and I wish I could tell myself to remember more of my US History and the Constitution, or the Periodic Table of Elements, or the Algebra rules that seemed so silly then, but could really come in handy now. I would tell myself to concentrate more and take harder classes in school, that you have a good brain ? Use It! If I could tell myself then something of importantance today it would be to always look for tomorrow, enjoy your today, but never forget or regret your yesterdays.


Don't jump at the first college that comes along. I went with the first college I looked at and didn't compare it to any others. I probably could have made a better, more informed decision about where, and what I wanted to study if I had taken the time to investigate all my options.


I would tell myself not to wait and to go straight from high school to college. I do not regret having my children but I would choose to have finished college and be in a stable career before having them. I know that I am doing the right thing for them now by being in college but the amount of time that it requires me to be away from home is difficult when there are children involved. Because my children are 11 and 9, they are able to understand a bit better than a younger child why mommy is unable to come to their basketball game that night. They understand that I am in school and trying to make a better and more secure life for them.


I would say, I can do anything I want , stay away from the things that will cause you harm and stay focus on the challenges you have in front of you. Study hard, listen and learn do not let anything stand in your way. Real friends will be supportive of your decision making choices according to your life. Choose postive role models for every aspect of life.


Do as best as you can. Do not procrastinate. Being 27 year old, I've learned that you need to learn as much in school and as much about life is possible. The biggest fear in life is the unknown. Find out quickly about what you don't know that is important.