Edgewood College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Edgewood seems to be best known as the most ethnically and culturally diverse campus in Madison as well as one of the most environmentally-friendly.


I am very exciting to continue my education at a college, which understands the full-time employee trying to better his/her education for advancement! I went back to finish my BA in Accounting, and will proceed to my MBA and CPA. I am striving to always stand out as a leader and thrive and stay competitive in the workforce!


Edgewood College is best known for two school programs. The first scholl is the School of Nursing. This school is well known throughout the midwest, and has access to mutiple clinical sites in Madison. The second school is the school of Education. This school is unique because there is an elementary and high school right on grounds that students can student teach.


Edgewood is probably best known for being a private school and being expensive (though thats comparitively to UW Madison).


I believe our school is best known for its significant presence in the midst of the University of Wisconsin's campus. We tend to be outgoing and through various events make ourselves stand out amongst the community despite our size and under the shadow of UW.


I believe that my school is best known for its small class sizes. Unlike a lot of other four year colleges, Edgewood's smaller class sizes really help with the learning experience and understanding. With smaller class sizes, students are able to communicate easier with their professor and other students.


Being a place where rejects from UW go.