Edgewood College Top Questions

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Very small class size -- less than 14 in a class usually. All teachers are professors and highly educated/experienced. You get to know teachers and students very well.


My GPA in high school was a 4.0, but my ACT was a score that was considered average. Upon application and acceptance into 3 colleges, I had to decide which one suited my needs the best. The fact that Edgewood College is a smaller campus, offering classroom sizes of 20, was very appealing to me. It is very unique to have professors who personally know you and are available for help at any time. I wanted to live in a larger community, but did not feel comfortable at larger school settings. This is the perfect combination.


Edgewood College is Dominican affiliated and with my Catholic roots, that is one of the reasons why I chose Edgewood. When I came to Edgewood, I was very surprised at how action-oriented many of the on-campus groups are. Most students, before they graduate, will have done some type of service to better the communtiy- whether it's for a class, an on-campus organization, or just another Campus Activities Board event, there is always something to do and some way to get involved no matter who you are or what you believe.


It's very small, on a lake. One of the best nursing schools in the State. And it's the only campus where you can go from kindergarten to PhD in Science.


Even though Edgewood is a private school, it's right in the middle of Madison, WI, which helps the place stay diverse and fun. There are a lot of things you can do outside of school, while still maintaining a small classroom setting and having a personal connection with your professors.


The most important thing about this school, and the thing that I like most, is that almost all of the class sizes have a maximum of 20 students. You will never feel like you are lost in a lecture hall phasing in and out, like I have before at UW-Madison.


Edgewood is unique from other Universities because it is a private school. This makes it unique because we are required to take classes that have nothing to do with our major so we will become more rounded individuals. Edgewood is also unique because of how small the class sizes are. The biggest class usually has about forty people in it and those are usually science classes. Other than sciences classes the amount of people in each class usually is around twenty students.


The environment is family-like. You're a person not a number to the school. There is the option of talking to your professor in help is needed. There are no TAs it's the professor that you're engaging with.


I love Edgewood because it is a small liberal arts school with a woodsy campus, on a lake and 2 mins. from University Wisconsin and State Street. I get the best of both worlds, a small school with one on one attention immersed in a big city full of culture, diveristy and life in Madison, WI. I am not a number at Edgewood, I am a woman with ideas and I can start clubs, know my professors and do wel in my classes without the hassel of being a number. Our school also has a sister program with UW.