Edgewood College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


All the professors here want their students to succeed. They are always willing to find a time to give you extra help and answer your questions. A lot of my friends struggle with trying to understand their homework becasue their professors don't help them. I brag the most about the fact that as long as I keep my grades up, I am automatically in the nursing program. I don't have to worry about figuring something else out in case I don't get in.


The quality of the services and materials available on-campus, the close social relationships with instructors due to the smaller class sizes, the excellent location of the campus in regards to the downtown Madison area.


Edgewood College combines the best of a large university with the best of a small college. The access to small class sizes and direct professor interaction is the hallmark of Edgewood College. In addition, Edgewood College allows students to be active in the diverse academic community created by the University of Wisconsin - Madison through several collaborative programs. Furthermore, Edgewood College is first and foremost a community of learners that always strives to achieve greatness for each of its members.


the small class size & how friendly people are.


That Edgewood is a good school and that the programs are flexible and geared towards working people. I like Edgewood because it 8 weeks, I could complete a 16 week course at any other school.


What I brag most about when I tell my friends that I am an Edgewood Eagle is the fact that we are a little school in a big city. You get to live in a close net community in which you can easily build relationships with not only many students but with faculty and staff. You can be in a classroom of 20 people yet go out into the city on the weekend and be surrounded by the entertaining city life and find things to do. Between the small community programs to the big city events we're never bored.


It's very convenient and the professors really care about the students. Getting advising is a piece of cake compared to other colleges. The college is expensive, but at least they get your finanical aid to you before midterms...The educational quality is exellent. You learn a lot in many different ways.


The schedule is compatible with working full-time. The name is well known for being pretigious.


I like to tell them that even though our school's sports arent on ESPN or do not have sold out stadiums, we are about a three minute walk from the Wisconsin Badgers football stadium. At this school you can experience the best of the big and small schools. You can go behind Edgewood to Lake Wingra and run through the park or zoo on the bike paths, or you can go in front of Edgewood to experience University of Wisconsin and everything they have to offer as well. It truly is the best of both worlds!


The people are awesome, the teachers are always fun to talk to and learn from. There are great jobs available, the campus is fun to live on, and it's close enough to downtown to see otherfriends. Also, it's one of the top nursing schools in the state.


Edgewood is a very friendly, diverse school that cares about their students future.


My Cross-country/track team