Edgewood College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst part about Edgewood College is on campus food. There is a good selction of food, but many of the options are not very healthy. It is also very hard to keep a healthy diet, especially if you live on campus. It does make good meal once in awhile, just not all the time.


The thing that I consider is the worst at Edgewood College is how small the campus is. I have always wanted to walk a ways to go to my classes but since I'm at a private school, my longest class is about 2 minutes away and I would like a little more distance between my classes. Otherwise I love everything else about it especially the small class setting and student to teacher ratio is excellent.


I can't think of anything that is very bad about my school


That it is still new to the Adult learner and there are not alot on online resources for your class.


To expensive/not enough scholarships for non-traditional students


The worst thing about my school is the school's website. It is very complex and there are various links almost everywhere, making it quite difficult to find what you are looking for. A website that is hard to navigate can be very frustrating.


The think I like least about Edgewood College is the meal plan. I am a person who doesn't eat a lot, and the smallest meal plan available is $1300 a semester., and if you don't spend it, you lose it. This is an ok amount for some people, but I don't eat that much food in a semester. I always buy food/drinks to bring home to my family or invite other people to come over so I can buy them meals. It can be very frustrating, but I am learning how to better spend it.


The wost thing about Edgewood College is the limited amount of dorm rooms. This year some kids had to move off campus, an I, who wanted to room with a room mate had to be put into a single room. This issue is a direct result of the growth of the college enrollment, a good problem to have, but a challange for students.


I think that Edgewood is getting better with diversity. I transferred from a very diverse school and that is sort of a problem. It is one thing to learn about diversity, but it is quite different to experience it. I also think the school can be really bad with financial aid--so much so that the professors are say things like "I'm not sure where your money is going. Certainly isn't going towards my paycheck." I think that if you are relatively liberal and aren't Catholic, there are some issues with going to the school too.


As a music major, the worst part about Edgewood is the lack of music facilities. Our practice room is very small, and the keyboard lab with needed software is used for classes throughout the day, making it very difficult to practice and complete assignments during my freetime. We perform in the chapel because we don't have our own concert hall. The lack of a concert hall is a miniute problem compared to the lack of practice facilities, keyboards, and software accessibility. Practice makes a better performance. We need greater space to practice more so than a better performance location.


Edgewood is a very small school, especially when being compared with University of Wisconsin-Madison which is just down the road from Edgewood. Being a small school can have limitations- the population isn't very diverse, sports aren't a big thing and school spirit is low, and class sizes are really small (there are 5 students in one of my classes). However, some may see a small school as a good thing- there's a strong sense of community, student's feedback is taken seriously, and I get one-on-one attention from all of my professors.


That everyone knows everything about everyone at sometimes.


I hate it how Edgewood College costs so much. I think I do a wonderful job there, I participate as much as I can and I have a great GPA there, but the financial situation is forcing me to almost drop out.


The worst thing about my school is that because it is a private school it makes it harder to transfer credits from public universities or to apply credits to graduate school.


The classes never prepare you for the real world properly. Now that I am a senior in the Education program, it is still hard to think that I will be teaching children. I do not know a thing that will help me in my future classrom. I learned how to do fractions over again, but how to I teach a child how to do them? I don't even know the first step in this process. it is just sad.


It's rediculously expensive. I have two loans, 4 scholarships, and am applying for another loan. It's a very expensive private school but it's not nearly worth the $33,000 a year it asks for.


I do not consider anything about the school to be horrible. The costs are very high, which makes it extrememly difficult to afford, especially as a parent. I do not have the support of my parents and have a family of my own. I wish there was more support for people in that situation.


The campus is incredibly small with limited options for space enhancement.


There is no football team here, but there is the Badger football games close by.


Its a suitcase college on weekends