Edgewood College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Edgewood College?


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who likes to know everyone around them and likes to connect with everyone in their classes and around them. They should be excited to meet a lot of new people and should want to get to know their teachers closely. If a person is shy or nervous about starting school, Edgewood College would be perfect for them to open up and everyone here is so welcoming to everyone new and around you.


A person who needs extra help from teachers and by being at a smaller school teachers really care about you succeding and want you to do your best so they really help you out. Also a very shy person would do great at a smaller school because the class room sizes are smaller so you meet people and I think by being shy and needing extra help from teachers Edgewood would be a great school for them.


Edgewood college is best suited for the individual who needs to get the most out of their education. The most successful student is one who inputs the most of their assets into the learning process. At Edgewood College, the student who thrives on active input and fully immersive classroom experiences will find themselves most fulfilled at Edgewood College. This is not the school for the passive or uninterested student.


The school is known for its variety of subjects. I am a biology major and the smaller classes help with the success in my learning. Furthermore, students in other fields have smaller classes, which makes learing materials more applicable. Edgewood is smaller, which makes socializing and learning more interconnected. Edgewood is also a Catholic based college so Catholic teachings are incorporated in policies and procedures. Someone open-minded should attend this school. Edgewood College is very hands on and "family" based. Someone who tends to be quiet and dormant would maybe be discouraged from attending this school.


A person that can study hard and willing to learn.


Anyone that wants a close-knit community and faculty that is supportive of your goals and dreams should attend Edgewood. I immediately felt support when I stepped on campus. You can be yourself here and no one will judge you. It is an excellent school for someone who is looking for a smaller campus located right in the middle of a big city. you get the small classrooms without having to live in a small town. the dorms and living is amazing and all the students that attend feel very comfortable in the surroundings here.


I believe a person should have an open-mind in order to attend Edgewood College. Someone who is open to meeting new people and having a liberal arts education. Our curriculum is very well rounded and our student population is diverse. Not only is our campus diverse but we are located in a big city that is very liberal so while at Edgewood you encounter a little of everything. People who attend this school should be not only tolerant of differencences but eager to embrace the differences we have to offer.


If you learn better in smaller classrooms with lots of group discussion, then Edgewood College is for you. Not only is it a small school with great access to professors, but it is right down the road from UW-Madison. There is even the option of enrolling in UW courses if Edgewood doesn't offer them. It's a small school in a large college town. The best part of Edgewood is the ability to talk with your professors one on one to help you achieve the goals you set out to reach.


I believe that any person that is ready to learn and experience a great learning experience should attend this school. This school has a smaller campus and smaller class sizes, which makes it easier to locate classes, meet people, and communicate better with professors.