Edgewood College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A lot of people who go to Edgewood plan on majoring in nursing, which is what Edgewood is known for. The nursing program is very competitive. If you can't handle the competetion, don't choose to attend this school. Edgewood is a private school and has a very small campus. If you are looking to meet a lot of people and want a big campus, this school is not for you. Everyone I have met here is very motivated and works hard. The type of person who should not go here is someone who likes to slack off.


If you like to be around a large student body count because this school is very small.


Someone who wants to have a big class size where the professor does not know if you are or are not in class should not attend this college. If you do not want to be able to recognize a lot of people on campus do not come here. Also if you have a problem with having a gradeschool and high school very close do not attend.


I believe that anyone can definitly attend this school, if you dont like people or dont like interacting with people this school definitly wouldn't be for them. The teachers and people in the classes are all really friendly and work together as a class to learn. Someone who doesnt enjoy going to school or doesnt want to learn more or succeed shouldn't attend this school. I say this because the teachers really care about their students and if someone isn't doing the right amount of work and failing a teacher will help you stay on track.


An individual who is not committed to their education should not attend this school. Edgewood college requires a lot of hard work and any person who is looking for a college primarly to meet new people, have fun and skip classes should choose a different college! Edgewood college also strives to help the community by being involved. If a person does not want to help their surrounding community, volunteer and work in school districts they should choose a different college!


Somebody who wants to go to a school with big lecture halls, with 500 other students in them.


Edgewood College is a liberal arts school located in the capital city of Wisconsin. A small campus located in a large city is the best combination available. Any person who wants to get a great education both in and out of the classroom would enjoy Edgewood College. The small classrooms are a great benefit to individuals attending Edgewood. Classroom participation and daily attendance are part of your grade. The city of Madison has a number of entertainment, athletic, and cultural events happening daily. Edgewood College sponsors events and activities in the Madison community.


A person who would rather be "just a number" should not attend Edgewood. The school is a pretty tight-knit community.


A genius Harvard type. Anyone who does not want to kno there professors, and just wants to slide through college. This is not the school for you because your teachers all know your name, and if they see you in the hall, they will strike up a lovely conversation. If you want to be a number of your class, do not come here, because you can see and give a hello to all 19 students in each class of yours.