Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for the quality of education that is received by the students. Edinboro's professors and curricula goes past the academic standpoint in the context of having a collaborative environment. The school is best known for its small class sizes along with professors that identify and accomodate students to the best of their ability.


Edinboro is best know for multiple majors; Accounting, art, business, communications, forensic science, computer science, criminal justice and education, just to name a few.


Edinboro University is known as the fighting scots. This school has a great nursing program, Army ROTC program, psychology program and many other great programs. This school is best known for its Scottish heritage.


Edinboro University is best known for either it's Art program or it's Education program.


It's ability to provide education at a lower cost.


I believe my school is best known for their education and art program. The art program is what brought me to Edinboro, its very hands-on however it is know push over.


It was best known for Education, Nursing, and Art.


Animation is a very prominent major here, and the program has received much applause nationwide.




This school is best known for their education and art programs. It is a very good school to attend for any type of art or education program.