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Edinboro has a very low tuition cost, without sacraficing the education benefits. It provides students with excellent intership, career, and graduate student opportunities. Furthermore, the mascot is unique, the Fighting Scots.


Unique, umm... It's cheap and close to home, not sure that makes it unique but I guess it may qualify?!?


Edinboro is very student oriented and cares about the students success. As a freshman it is mandatory for every student to attend what is called common hour. Common hour gives you the ability to find out about different careers and different options the campus has available. Say a student comes in and wants to major in art but attends common hour and finds out they would rather be a science teacher. Also common hour allows you to meet other students who are majoring in the same field as you.


Edinboro is NCATE accredited and expects high levels of professionalism and academic achievement from its teacher candidates.


Edinboro is very open to non-traditional students. There are students with all sorts of handicaps that funcion effortlessly because the university is committed to seeing that they don't have to. Adult students of all ages are everywhere. It makes going back after 10 years seem less intimidating.


What I think is unique about my school is that it is a school out of the way but not too small. It also provides very good programs for education, business and in the arts. You wouldn't expect a school out near a very small town would have such a good reputation for their animation program in the country.


Edinboro University is spread out and spacious.


overall nice campus


Edinboro is located in one of the finest areas in the state. It's a very charming community.


This school is a good choice for students who do not quite know what they want to major in yet. I started out as an undeclared major my first semester, and I have since changed my major to English/Writing. They give you until the end of your sophomore year before they tell you to change your major.