Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school would have to be the winter weather. Mostly because it's in North West Pennsylvania and right smack in the snow belt, so just a ton of snow and below freezing temperatures.


I think the worst thing about Edinboro is the lecture classes. I had much difficulty in the lecture classes because there were about 100 people and only one teacher, this made it very hard to have one-on-one time with the teacher.


I believe the worst thing is that a lot of students who commute do not get involved on campus. I also think that people complain that nothing ever happens here but they are unwilling to participate in all the activities that are ocurring.


The worst thing would probably be how large the campus is. Walking across the campus in the winter is pretty tough. However, I love how big the campus is because there are so many opportunities right at your fingertips.


This school is located in a small town. It is very quaint, but the amount of things to do can be limited.


In my experience, I have taken a couple professors who are 'less-than-admirable' in terms of ethical choices, consistency, and fairness. In addition to this, while my school's prices are among the most affordable, it is still incredibly difficult to maintain my attendance- without parental support, even the cheapest college can cripple a working student.


The only negative aspect of Edinboro University is the price of books and classes.


Edinboro is in the snowbelt and, obviosuly, gets a lot of snow, which occassionally means that the walkways are not clear in the early mornings, although maintence always has them cleared as quickly as they can.


The worst thing about Edinboro University is the limited space for seating in required courses. It is good that we had a good student to teacher status however with the increase amount of students at the school each year it is hard to grab a seat for all the required classes you may need during the semester and times you may desire them to be. I wish at lease they could schedule more courses for classes need with problem with trying to overload in a class, or not being able to take the class at all.


What I don't like is that there isn't enough funding for the Arts. My school doesn't have the money for better equipment in the film and animation studios, the only way they are able to replace parts is by student studio fees every semester but it's still not enough. We need the money to be able to learn new computer software and to compete with other colleges.


The worst thing about this school is the lack of activities outside of campus. Set in a small town, the social activities are limited, as well as employment opportunities. With the number of students increasing, while the town around campus does not, it is difficult to reign in a convenient job while attending school full-time.


The surrounding envoiorment was very bland .. it took about 20 mins to get to the nearsest mall, and the fun only lasted there for a little while. The camous was quite at night and on the weekends with not of alot of activitys going on. The weather there was terrible, it snowed alomst everyday and we did not get one snow day. There would be at least 3 feet of snow outside every week, and it was very cold and windy. By the time spring rolled around it was pretty but the winter was bad.


The Food, the old dorms, a few of the really bad professors


the weather and how it's in the middle of know where. The professors could be more approachable


Iam not fond of the Residence Life and Housing I think it is stupid that they match you up with random people and only two days after moving in are you allowed to move out, you dont even know the person and you only have a week to move. I think it is ridiculous that the Residence Life will not let you out of a contract even if a student is okay with paying the money. THey are not accomidating at all.


how easy it is to fall behind. the social scene can easily get in the way of homework.


Non-minority non-disabled students are treated like second class citizens to some extent.


The only bad part is there is alot of snow in the winter. It can make travle to Erie and other places hard, not to mention cold when walking to class but if you like snow its not to bad.


The worst thing about Edinboro would probably be the fact that they don't cancel classes when the weather is bad. We get really bad winter weather and it is sometimes difficult making it to class during these times.


Students here tend to be apathetic and unmotivated. In my department (Broadcast Journalism), courses do not even begin to approach being adequate to prepare a student to take a job in this highly competitive field. Despite the fact that we have a fairly well-equipped 3000-watt campus radio station, it' usually poorly managed and reflects poorly upon the communications department and the community at large.


A lot of classes are only offered once a year or there aren't enough classes to fill students needs. Graduation is pushed back for non traditional students who can't afford to quit a job to attend full time or have children at home.




The state of the residence halls, which go hand-in-hand with the meal plan. Residence Halls here have been shoddy for years, with broken furniture, dirty rooms, graffiti, broken kitchens, etc. The meal plan is also a rip-off, they charge you nearly $8 for a meal, and you have to pay extra for your drink. Oh, and you can only eat in certain time periods of the day to designate it as a "meal," or else you have to use your "flex."

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