Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back to my high school self I would tell myself to just breathe. Take a minute out of my day and just breathe. That all the stressing out and anxiety attacks are not needed because it's not as bad as I thought it'd be. I would especially tell myself that no matter what you'll always end up figuring it out with any problem, it may take a hot second or a couple months but in the end you'll figure something out. One last thing I'd make sure to say is to always put your mental health first, because no test, homework, or grade is more important than your own mental health.


I would tell myself that I'm not stupid. While my classmates were going out partying, doing drugs, and drinking obsessively. I was always in my bedroom, surrounded by an array of shiny new hardbacks. I always thought I was stupid for choosing to do that rather than being a regular teenager. Crawling out my bedroom window and catching a ride with my friends. Dancing with boys in a skirt way too short to even be called appropriate. Instead, on saturday nights, it was just me, myself and I. I never did these things in high school and I'm glad I didn't. I studied my butt off and graduated with successful grades. I'm proud that I was never like my classmates. I'm very mature for my age and an education comes first for me. I wish I could tell the girl sitting in high school that its okay to read. To fill your head with information and beautiful stories. Not being like everyone else doesn't mean you're stupid but authentic.


Dear Vanessa: You're about to enter the terrifying but exciting world of college. I know you think you're about to become a "real adult," however there are some things you don't know. The first and most important bit of advice is that, you do not have the answers for everything and you are not always right, and that is okay. You'll learn throughout your years in college and blossom as you should. You also need to know that no matter what age you are, you're going to experience mountains and molehills. How you deal with these mountains and molehills will help to mold you to who you are going to be. Don't overstress, everything always has a way working itself out in the end. The last bit of advice that I want to give you deals with time, you can't get any of it back, so make your own decisions and own them. At the end of the day, the only person you have the face, is the one in the mirror. I promise you, follow this advice and when you look at her later in life, she'll smile.


Be prepared to read, other than that I almost completley knew what to expect.


Never give up the idea of college. Keep your head up and prepare yourself to have ultimate freedom to indulge in the concept of discovering myself and discovering things that are not their for me to experience where i live. Don't just get a job because its easier than trying to get into college. You will excel and experience things and open your mind to an entire other world. To not be so introverted. Open up, make friends and stay focused on your education and the changes you want to make in the world once you are out of college. Remember that you want to make a difference and make connections you need to reach out and get involved in all that you can. Focus on your schooling and find what attracts you and motivates you. The transition is easy. Be the idepedent woman that you have always been and continue to be. Use the advice always given to you. Let your wings soar.


Dear Self,


If I had the opportunity to go back in time and give myself a few words of advice ; then I would advise myself to stay focused and to study hard so that I would graduate with a higher grade point average. Hopefully the extra studying and focus would keep me in college at a younger age so that I could graduate from college at a younger age and maybe attain a career with a higher salary.


I wanted to write to you and give you a few words of advice about some things you are going to encounter before and in college. Take more time filling out scholarship and grant applications. Doing this will mean less time with friends, but it wil help you avoid increasing student loan debt. Once at Edinboro, be open to meeting new people and having new experiences. Do not call home the day after you move in begging to go home, that wasted time. Take that time and help others move in, or introduce yourself to people in your hall. You can go to the gym with your roommates when they go, which would open you up socially. Entertaining the idea of pledging a Sorority wasn't at the top of your list, but when you turned twenty-one that changed. Join before you turn twenty-one. Don't spend so much time socializing. Your grades suffered. It's normal to have a rough semester, but you bring your grades up. These three things impacted your life in many ways. You do owe money for the education you gained, but the memories will be with you for years to come.


Okay, hmmm… so, you’re not even fazed by a visit from a time-travelling, future version of yourself. You’re always playing it so cool. You forget that it doesn’t work on me. I know you. I know that beneath that placid demeanor, there lies a tumultuous current of fear. That fear cannot be diminished by side-stepping it. It is diminished, quite simply, by moving forward. Move one step toward the positive opportunities available to you. Just take one more step towards your happy destiny, then another. Go to college, you will discover yourself there. You will find that which makes your heart sing. You will forget your fear, and you will let yourself soar. College will set you free, if you let it. You start with that first step, then you… Make friends. Be honest. Be a friend. Work hard. Make yourself proud. Make yourself.


If I could go back and talk to my senior self I would tell her to keep her grades up and try not to let our grandmother's death cause her to make some of the regrettable decisions that I did. I would tell her that taking a year off before going back to school is necessary to pulling herself together and realizing how badly we need to go to school. I would tell her that while all of this college stuff is overwhelming, you aren't the only one dealing with it and you'll make friends in your sorority who will help you deal with the stress. I would tell her to not take things too seriously and enjoy the little things because it only gets harder. Most of all though, I would tell that no matter what you must keep your head up and remain positive. Depression is curable. You will get better, things will get better. Just stay strong.


Let’s go back in time! Now this seems like something weird to say because it could never happen, right? Well, we could do what we’ve been told our whole lives and use our imagination, then it could be possible.If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to be more positive and get out there! In high school I didn’t have a very positive attitude and kept to myself. I was the kind of girl who set her goals way to high and then would get upset when I didn’t reach those crazy goals. I also didn’t really go out with friends and I wasn’t very comfortable talking to new people. In college you have to be positive, if you’re not positive you won’t accomplish anything. I didn’t make many friends due to my shyness. Not only do I wish I would have made more friends, but I also wish I had more practice talking to/in front of people because you do a lot of speaking in class; very nerve-racking!If I could have told myself this before going to college, I would have been prepared!


I would tell myself that he should rethink the options and plan more. If the degree is worth it or not, if the expense is worth the education. I would tell myself to study hard no matter what my senior self decided. A lesson learned is a gained. Whatever plans my past self decided, whether it would change anything or not, I would still gain experience and become more cultural shaped individual. It's not like we are doomed if we make some mistakes. Transfer, figure out something else if your not happy, there's always options.


Stop dragging your feet around and go and mingle on the Edinboro page on Facebook. Do not stress and become depressed because you think you won't be able to handle college and the stresses that might come with it. To tell you the truth, it is going to be so much better than high school ever was. You get to meet your roommate, who turns out to be like the sister you always wanted. Yes, there will be boys and drama, but you get over that. Do not start smoking cigarettes, you'll quit soon after and it would be a waste of your precious money. The cable jack in your room doesn't work because the switch down in the basement is turned off. Do not stop taking your medicine just because you don't want to visit the school therapist. Yes, she is new to her job, but I think you would make it out of bed more often if you continue on the medicinal path that you are already on. You'll get sick a few times and it will suck, but deal with it. You're a big girl. Call your mom more. Good luck.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to only look at private universities. Private universities have more money to offer their to their students, so that way they are not so far in debt. I won't lie, college life is hard and not knowing anyone at a university makes it even harder, so pick a university where maybe a few friends are going, but not all of your high school graduating class. That way, you will always have someone to talk to or study with if you need them.


If I could go back and talk to myself, I would remind myself that I only go to college once. I would encourage myself to give 110% both academically and athletically and never hold anything back. If you follow your heart and always give your all, you will never have regrets. During the transition to college, I would tell myself to relax and enjoy! I am a strong enough person and will transition smoothly. Make lifelong friends, let people get to know the real me, form relationships with faculty, strive for a 4.0, leave everything on the soccer field, be a role model on and off the field, and enjoy every minute of college life because you can never go back and relive it! College is the time of your life; take pictures, laugh often, and work hard!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to choose an in-state college. I am not learning that there are many more scholarship opportunities to students who chose a college in they state they live in. After preparing for my first year of college, I have spent a lot of money on books and many other living necessities. Now as I plan to take classes over the summer and in the fall 2012 semster I am finding it difficult to pay for these expenses. I will be working over the summer, but I do not think it will be enough to make a difference in my college bills. I amreally hoping to get as much financial help as I possibly can.


I would tell myself to not be influenced by my parents' opinions or to do something just to make them happy. I would tell myself to follow a path that leads me to what I want to do in the future. I would encourage myself to get involved on campus right away. It opens up so many opportunities to make life-long friends and ways to keep yourself busy. Academically, I would tell myself to make myself known to professors by participating in class more because this helps with future references and they are the best people to ask about information for a career you want to pursue.


To be honest, I feel that I was really on the right track during my senior year. I was obviously ready, because my GPA is even higher now that I'm in college, and I was getting acclamated to the ROTC program on campus that I am currently a part of already through their joint ROTC activities. The only mistake I feel that I've made coming out to school was buying too many groceries!


The advice I would give myself: enjoy myself, apply for scholarships now before it's too late and bring snow pants. Studying is highly important, but college only happens once, so make the best of it while you can. Also while you can apply for scholarships, the older you get the harder it is to get them. I don't know how many times I've had to decline a scholarship because I'm not in high school. You may think they are always abundant now, but in a few years you'll be struggling to pay for it all. As for snow pants, it's as cold as they say up here, the snow is always blowing. Your transition to college is actually quite easy. You are and have always been driven, and you have always went out and got what you needed without hesitation. You do this so well people often wonder if you ever take a break. Keep up the good work and keep thinking and you'll be better then fine. As a final word of advice don't let this encounter become a paradox. Instead use this encounter as incentive to continue your good work.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about what i know now and how to make the transition, i would start by telling myself to save my money. College is not cheap and i wish i would have realized how hard it is financially before I came. I would also consider the fact that having a roommate isn't as easy as it may seem. I knew my roommate from highschool and its more awkward than i thought it might be. The rooms are small and there is almost no privacy, not knowing that beforehand makes it harder now.


I would tell myself that everything doesn't just come to you, that you actually have to make things happen. Also, just to appreciate every single thing you have or have been given because those things can be gone the next day. NEver take anything for granted and always do your work and you will get ahead. Don't ever talk behind someone's back because you never know who is listening. Everybody listens to your business but when you have a problem, no one can be found. In most cases, your true best friends aren't who you think they are so just be careful and have fun. Live a little and love a lot. NEver trust someone outside of your family and never stay mad at someone who doesn't deserve it. High school years will teach you a lot about people and a lot about yourself you never knew and college will help you discover these things even more.


Start immediately and don't be so afraid of college. It may seem like you'll be at it for years to come, but the time flies and it is SO much better than high school. The independence is wonderful and so is the feeling that you are working towards a really amazing goal. You will have a family to support and a college education will enrich your life and that of your children tremendously. Otherwise, you will spend years struggling financially and feeling like you are letting your family down. So get started and enjoy it.


If I were to go back and speak to myself as a senior, I would give myself this advice. Jennifer, start early thinking about what you want to do with your career, finances, and future. Plan early to receive scholarship money and make your situation more comfortable. Don't over extend your finances and keep level minded when spending money while in school. Remember to stay focused on your studies and choose wisely for extra-curricular fun.


If i could go back in time to my high school senior self i would say, Chrisitne, do not be worried about the status of the university you are going to attend. Just because a university is well known does not mean that it is right for you. You make your college experiences not the name of your university. That small school in the middle of no where named Edinboro University can hold the key to everything you ever wanted in life. There will be staff and faculty who really notice your hard work and go out of their way to take you under their wing. You will learn so much, academically, and life lessons as well. Take this experience by the head because you can really stand out as a leader here. Have confidence in your self and pay close attention to everything that happens around you. Time moves so fast. Things change, but you need to make the most of what is given to you while you can!


Going back in time, one of the first things I would tell myself is to never settle for one group of friends because as time passes friends will come and go throughout college life. I would also advise myself to pay close attention to scheduling classes as well as the importance of scheduling early. This is something I believe should at least be reviewed in highschool, scheduling is one of those things in college that can make you or break you. One of the last things I would tell my highschool self is to stay focused on my goals and not to have too much fun. The social side of college can be very distracting, and if it isn't at first, it grows on you the more you visit new places or meet new people. That is why if I went back in time I would definitely break down time management as best I could and hope the younger me will absorb all of my advice.


I would tell myself that every course in High School and College prepares you for what is outside the bubble that is college. I would say to myself that my work ethic becomes a habit, so I should practice it in my studies. I would say that I would choose Edinboro all over again, but I would start off with the career I dream of, instead of what my family told me to go into. I would say that I should start searching for jobs that would lead to a career BEFORE I leave college.


As a single mother of two kids, returning to school was a very challenging yet fullfilling experience. I was new to the city, and had to start over with my life from scratch. Returning back to school became the best option for me at the time, although the idea that I would be older than most of my classmates haunted me. As I transitioned into a student, I began to realize how valuable education is. It provided an opportunity for me to find myself, advance in life, and also allowed me to provide my kids with a positive example. I have always instilled in my kids the importance of education, and wanted to lead by example. After finally aquiring my AA degree at Valencia Community College, I decided to continue and enrolled in UCF, where I am majoring in Psychology. College experience has taught me that I can do anything that I put my mind to, the importance of family and friends, to be more openminded, to appreciate diversity, and most importantly, that it is never too late to continue or pursue your education.


My college experience opened me up to a world of oppurtunity and diversity that I never knew existed. The people I have met, the professors that personally helped me understand, and the way I see myself growing every day are parts of college I will never let go of. The future of our society rests in the hands of today's youth. I see college not only as an obligation, but a way to acheieve personal goals, take ahold of the future, and play my part in making it the best it could possibly be. I would not give these days back for anything. I have already learned so much about myself and others that the value of my college education could only grow from here.


The most valuable college experience that I have received is the feeling of dedication and perseverance, through the pursuance of my personal goal. Not only do I wish to obtain a college degree, I wish to do so without any debt, and thus far I have succeeded in paying for my first 64 credits. This has taken incredible commitment because not only have I gone to school full time, I have been working as close to full time as I can get. I have also made incredible sacrifices since I graduated high school by attending college for seven consecutive semesters, including summer semesters. In the past, I have been known to make various crafts and sell them at local craft fairs, on top of collecting over 5,000 soda cans in order to help pay for college. The last seven months have also been more trying due to the fact that I have been homeless; however I refuse to stop attending college. The last two years may have brought me through a roller coaster of emotions but it has taught me the most important lesson of all, sometimes you have to do the imaginable in order to make your goals.


I have proven to myself that I am smart and independent. Before I went to college I pictured myself as as average student and a person who was afraid to go out on her own. The first couple of weeks at school were tough. However once I found some friends and got into a routine, it made all the difference. I got better grades than I had expected at the beginning of the year. Also I have become the Vice President of Campus Crusde for Christ. Now I can look at myself with confince. Before college, I was unsure of myself and had low self-esteem, but with some perseverance I have grown in confidence with grades and my personality.


The 'college experience' has presented me with a great many things including life lessons and a peek at what things can be like in the real world. In college in order to move forward you really have to try and open yourself up first be open to new experiences and adventures that could happen around campus. Out of my personal experience I've received a few good friends who unknowingly taught me new things and have opened up new outlets within myself that I knew were there I just ignored them. I myself personally have also become much more outspoken. It has been valuable to attend simply because it is an entirely new learning experience from highschool, in the begining your mindset begins to shift over slowly and you may not realize it until someone mentions something to you but you grown in more ways than one. Having to balance your own finances and class work and friends is very viable to how things will be when you start your career choice or chosen job. Attending college is a learning experience that I am glad I followed through with.


I have decided to attend a trade school simply because it has given me the opportunity to graduate at a faster pace than the traditional junior college. I am a 20 year old single parent of a 2 year old. I also work as a full-time administrative assistant/ customer service employee. I work 8-5 M-F and attend school 5:30-10:15 M-Th. In choosing a technical school I have currently lost a lot of time with my son, but he is my inspiration and our situation can only get better. My college has taught me how to act in the business world and has also given me the chance to share my knowledge with my fellow employees as well as managers. They have given me the tools to better myself in my current position. My boss sometimes asks me for help when it comes to programs such as Excel and Word. That makes me feel very proud of myself. It has been valuable to attend this particular school because the school schedule allows me to work and provide for my son as well as take major related courses.


One very important lesson I have learned from my college experience is to stay focused on you goals. For my first two years at the University of California, San Diego, I knew I loved psychology but did not know where I wanted to go with it. By the end of that summer, I rediscovered my passion for helping other people and decided to pursue nursing as a career. Within the next three years, I was able to graduate out of UCSD with a major in Psychology and a minor in Public Service, specializing in health. I was able to in three years what many students take between four to five years to accomplish. Now, I have gotten accepted into the Georgetown University School of Nursing to get my Bachelors of Science in Nursing within fifteen months. Prior to entering UCSD, I was usually just told what to do and everything was just handed to me. Staying away from family and attending a challenging school taught me a lot about myself and how to be responsible. I feel like I would have never been able to become so independent and motivated if I did not go to UCSD.


From attending college here in Denver, I have found that I want more in my life than what is held beyond college doors. Im actually wanting to transfer to Penn State University, where I feel that I can achieve my Bacholers Degree in Forensic Science. After attending school and college and retrieve medical lisences, I have discovered a continued path in my life through school where I can achieve and accomplish not just dreams, but my future and what will be.


As a freshman college student, there have been many life lessons I have learned thusfar throughout my college experience. I have grown to become a very responsible and independent young adult who holds herself accountable for doing --or not doing- assignments and other important school related tasks, and to become a more self-sufficient student. I have also learned to best use the resources that has been alloted by my college to my advantage. My time management skills have become a dominant fixture that I use to accomplish the tasks that are give by my instructors andthe other significant duties of life. My communication skills have definately matured from this experience. I have learned the proper and appropiate ways to communicate with my peers and instructors. It has been valuable to attend college. Other than to receive an education, it has significant to gain these important skills, because I do not know whereelse I would have learned them. College is important for those who want to grow and learn things about life and themselves that they probably whould have not learned anywhere else.


To be quite honest, I wasn't a hard worker in my first year and a half of college which led to me taking time off. But now that I've taken time off I have come to realize the importance of school and what I did wrong and what I did right while I was attending school. It's about teaching myself to do what I don't want to do. There were days when I didn't want to do anything for school, but it's teaching myself things such as discipline and determination that are things that professors can't teach, but hope that their students develop. I am excited to go back to school and plan on being even more determined and even more disciplined as ever. Those are the things that make college valuable, the things that can't necessarily be taught, but developed over time.


My experience has been very valuable to me 1st and for all I have learned CPR, and how to help a choking person from adults to children. I value that experience the most because I could help others including my infant: Jordan Moussa. he is my son and I love that I could help him when time comes with basic life support, airway, and choking problems that I might face in my life time. I also would like to join the fire departement one day because I like to help others and help the community and serve my city.


I started attending college in 2008. In the last two years I've taken classes in Intro accounting, Accounting Info Systems, Intro Psychology, Intro Sociology, and Art. I am currently enrolled in an Algebra and Human Biology class. My college experience has been bitter sweet. I've learned if you want it, go get it, don't just sit and wait for it to fall into your lap. Being a student who has zero parental contribution has been the most difficult. Entering college atmosphere after taking a year off school was also difficult, as I realized if you don't use the knowledge acquired in high school you tend to get "rusty" so to say (refering to Algebra). My college experience has taught me to be a self sufficient, strong willed student. If you give up because your studies are too difficult than you don't move forward, but if you fail and try again until you succeed, you prosper. I find college to be very valuable to me, for it has opened my eyes to many different careers and fields of study.


I have learned a lot about myself, my work ethic, and also a lot about chemistry and biology. My major is Biology-Premed, so learning about biology and chemistry is very interesting to me. I have learned that I need to study more, and work harder in order to stay ahead. I have also learned that I am a very competitive person, who detests failing. Attending college has been valuable because it has taught me several life-lessons, along with preparing me for a career as a pediatrician in the future.


My college experience so far has helped me to mature in many ways. It has also helped me to see that I would really like to teach at a college as well. Getting to know the math teachers here has inspired me to become a math teacher myself. This experience has been very valuable because it has made me the person I am today and has put my on the path to reach my goals.


Out of my college exprience so far I would say I have gotten the expereince and direction to know where I want to go and how to get there. I've also elarned how to balance my time and my money and to understand people. I have also discovered a sense of personal pride and growth and found a drive to make grades better because I've learned I can do better than just 'get by' with the grades that say pass in an average way. I've gotten the drive to be more than average, to want more than average, and to try to be and do better than 'average'. My college expereince up to this point has driven me to strive to be better than I was and to grow away from what I was and more towards what I will be, whether I know what that is, at this time, or not. The value of attending isn't so much what I learned in class, although that is important, but in what I learned about myself interacting with people outside of my normal comfort zone.


Looking back on my first semester of college I can now understand what our teachers were trying to tell us, ?this is the start of our future.? At the time I thought it sounded like it had come from a hallmark card. After sitting through my first lecture though I really started to see that I was expected to know and be able to do certain things in classes to succeed. I panicked. How was I going to write seven pages or how to remember where the pancreas was? It meant I had to study harder than I had before. No more studying the night before a test. Once I got a hang of how to study and when to start studying things started to click. I was able to really comprehend what my teacher was teaching and able to use what I had learned outside of class. I felt confident enough to raise my hand and answer questions. I may not be sure where I will be twenty years from now but I have a feeling that if I stick to school and find something I?m good at and like doing I?ll be great wherever I am.


I had a wonderful experience at Edinboro University. The professors helped me to complete my degree, explore careers and graduate schools, and guided me on to a further degree. The friends I have made there will remain close to me forever!


What i have got out of my college experiance is deligence. How to truely work hard for something and what it's like to be on my own.


So far in my first year I have changed greatly. I have become outgoing and am able to talk to random people and make new connections. I have been a member of the honors program so I get to do community service and have to keep my grades up. I have learned so much and have realized interests in areas that I would never have thought I would like. It has been valuable to attend because I am able to do so much more for myself and have become greatly independant.


I have just started my college experience, and even though it has been an up hill battle with my financial hurdles It has also been exciting. I never thought I was good enough to go to school or that I would ever amount to anything. When My sister passed away it made me realize that life is too short so I decided after exploring my options to apply for college. It has been such an awarding experience so far. The education and skills I am receiving and will continue to receive are priceless. Knowing that after I graduate the opportunities I will have to experience a better life for myself is the greatest gift I could ask for. I am so excited for what the future brings. With out this opportunity to attend college and the experiences i've had while attending, I would have never been able to become the better person I want and know I can be. I believe in my heart that my education is one of the most valuable things I can have, and I thank God everyday for continuing to open those doors for me. It's the best decision I've ever made.


So far, I have gotten quite a bit out of my college experience. I went to a very small high school and have been able to meet a wide variety of people. I beleive college has given me great social skills. It has taught me that you have to be resposible and show up for class, and pay attention. I am paying for my schooling all by myself and I want to get in, get out, and get going with my career! It overall has really taught me how to be a mature adult!


First thing that i would tell myself is to find different roommates! You can't trust people that you dont know and you should be warry of people. Secondly you need to work harder and save up more money. Also go and apply for more scholarships. Life is hard out in the real world but you are strong and will survive. Fight for anything and everything to advance yourself.


I would just tell myself that going to college isn't all about fun and having a good time. Make sure that you study and work hard so that you will be sucessful and willing to due what ever means nessesary so you can graduate and get your degree. It is going to be hard but you are going to have to get through it by being foucs and prepared.


As I approach my younger, naive self, I extend a friendly smile and handshake in preparation for my well-informed lecture. My extensive experience in the workforce and college has surely granted me the ability to convince any youngster of the life-lasting benefits of continued education. As my experiences, insights, achievements, and advice stream from my mouth as fresh water does from a pitcher, I realize the expression of my former self is all but somber and displaced. Apprehensive and stubborn in adolescence, I was never the type to be swayed by anyone- likely even my future self. If I would discuss options for the future with my past self, I would simply say, "Continue on your path, your experiences and judgment will guide you to greater heights". This is precisely the epitome of my story- many tried to convince me to continue my education, but my own life experiences were the deciding factor. There is no doubt in my mind that even my enlightened self would not be able to convince the younger me- nor would I despair at the failure. My success today exists only because I achieved it after laying a foundation of life-changing experiences.

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