Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There's some subjects that other colleges have that Edinboro doesn't. Such as Japanese.


The most frustrating thing about my school for me, is how hard it is for me to get the finical aid that I need. Edinboro ended up helping me some with a Hardship Grant but that is a one time only deal. Therefore, I'm on my own again trying to figure out how to pay for my schooling, my bills and my sorority.


The most frustrating thing is doing required classes that are not general education and that do not relate to your major of study. Also the advisor don't really care if you graduate on time.


I would have to say the most frustrating thing would be when it snows really badly and they cannot keep up with how much snowfall there is cancel classes because there are kids in wheel chairs who get stuck in the snow and have a difficult time getting to class. In fact everyone has a difficult time getting to class. I know some people just don't show up.


Communication. No one ever seems to want to return my e-mails or phone calls!!


The most frustrating thing about my shcool would have to be the lab fees we have to pay as an art major.


That would the weather in these parts. Our winter seasons are long and hard.


Thay it gets real cold here!


How the choices for classes are broken up such as for distribution classes and all the snow.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the snow and scheduling.


The snow and the staggering amount of lecture as opposed to hands-on activies, not to mention the scheduling system. It's a little difficult to graduate on time- even if things go according to plan in your course of study, most students stay an extra semester to finish coursework. It can be a little daunting. Advisors also have a tendency to go missing and/or avoid contact, though there are some amazing advisors out there.

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